Wonder Muscles Workout


A bit random blog post today but as it was dry January and beginning of Lent soon, some of you hoping you will find this post useful. Useful, in regards ‘the wonder product.’ Useful, that some of you are already in the middle of workout month, detox, exercise routines and loosing weight programme. And, your muscles need a support and extra tlc.

My recent dentist appointment left me with an excrusiating tension. Following day, I woke up with terrible pains in both sides of the shoulders and neck which was very unexpected. I could not lift my head and, turning to the right became impossible. It was not happy Friday morning, definitely not. Most probably, I was really tense throughout the dental treatment and that was the result of it. What do you do in the situations like this? Instantly, you reach for painkillers. You know in that moment that, it is only short term pain relief but you do take them anyway. My second instant thought was; who shall I call for a rescue. Who can I see ‘quickly’ to help me to relieve this uncomfortable pain.

I made a call to osteopath practice in Bedfordshire area where I have visited in the past. Had to wait for few days for the appointment so I decided for something else meantime. Sometimes, you just have to take initiative and have to become your own doctor. Sometimes. I did not need to search for too long. Space NK was my first choice to see if there will be a product that could relief my pain before my appointment.

I heard about Mio products and their amazing results. Mio formulas are completely free from parabens, petrolatum, colourants, synthetic fragrances, PEG’s, glycols and phthalates and 5* rated product line. There are so many amazing Mio products and the best sellers over the yea became – Sore Muscles category, cellulite firming and there is also Post Pregnancy range – Mama Mio.

I chose an ‘energy shot for your muscles’ and I am glad I did. Mio ‘Workout Wonder’ £21  it’s great pre and post exercises, eases those tense muscles and help with speedy recovery. Definitely well-chosen ingredients at maximum result. Love the cooling effect on the skin and shortly after the application, your muscle pains eases to minimum.

  • V – Tonic: incredible blend of essential oils which instantly helps with relief of muscle pains. Natural oils include Citrus, Menthol, Lavender, Cypress and Spearmint.
  • Horse Chestnut and Horsetail Extract: is rich in natural magnesium
  • Fig extract, Shea and Murumuru Butter: all powerful moisturising ingredients which keep your skin soft and supple.
  •  Arnica: has anti-inflammatory effect, aids the healing process of bruises, sprains and muscle aches.
  • Spearmint Leaf Oil and Pepermint Oil: refreshing, cleansing and stimulating

I have been applying on the effected area three times per day and I can happily say that my shoulder pain definitely eased. I even stopped taking painkillers after two days. Could not feel any improvement with them so what’s the point carry on. I have now also been treated by the osteopath which I did not feel any better following day nor day after. I felt more improvement, less aches just by applying Mio WW gel day-by-day. It is definitely Magic Workout Wonder product which I would highly recommend to ease muscle tension after exercises or every day life.

My next product I am going to try; Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. Love to hear from you if you have any feedbacks on Mio products.

Enjoy the pain relief recovery post blog, hopefully you experience the same positive result with Mio Workout Wonder too and, I will speaking to you soon… Soon, just in time for Valentine!

All my recovery love,