Winter Skincare Saviours with Vitamin C + Emergen C

Vitamin C is powerful antioxidant and has many incredible benefits for the body. It is essential for synthesis of collagen, a protein important in formation connective tissue and wound healing. You must have heard saying: “An apple away, keep a doctor away”. So do that with your vitamin C intake and you will fight seasonal cold, will have enough energy for whole day, will help with you collagen formation plus, many more benefits. I have found really interesting article in Abundance & Health site. If you are interested in knowing more how beneficial vitamin C can be for your health, click and read here. 

Vitamin C, comes in many forms. I am sure you have tried to consume vitamin C in health drinks and health bars, chewable vitamin C, fruits and vegetables ( fruits, leafy greens, etc… ) and in recent years, vitamin C has been added in skincare. Vitamin C also protects against skin wrinkles seen in premature ageing. By saying that, I don’t mean if you are a young woman does not apply to you. Quite opposite. Early you start, better for the long run. Don’t overload it though, 1 sachet or 1 tablet per day + your favourite vitamin C day cream should be enough to maintain for –  healthy you!

Below, I have selected my winter skincare picks with a full of vitamin C!

Winter Skincare Saviours with Vitamin C + Emergen C
Vitamin C Skincare Winter Saviours

Nature Bisse C+c Vitamin Cream Spf 10

Luxury meets Innovation. Nature Bisse C+c Vitamin cream is formulated with a powerful and active antioxidants. Protect against environmental aggressors, improves skin texture, stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to fight dark spots. This rich cream recovers all vitality in the skin, feels hydrated and firmer. The skin feels supple and healthy-bright again! Right season to invest in something new!

Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream

Intensive face cream but not heavy for those who want/need a radiance for the skin. The cream uses most stable form of vitamin C, restorative ocean minerals, KB5 complex (Arnica, Got Kola, Levander, Calendula, Camomile) and reishi mushrooms to protect and super hydrates the skin. Helps to repair cell damage, works to improve elasticity, brightens the complexion and nourishes well. The cream feels soft on the skin and leaves the skin healthy radiance. I also do enjoy fresh scent of this Kat Burki face cream, – it is a perfect companion for those wintery days to come!

Malin & Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil

No fuss only a delivery from this super potent treatment oil from Malin & Goetz. With 9 natural oils – Evening primrose, Argan, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed, Roseship oil, Geranium and Borage oil – to address all ageing concerns. Helps with skin renewal, boosting hydration and works with softening the fine line and wrinkles. 5-7 drops on clean skin morning and night before your moisturiser. For oily skin types, this oil might be just enough in evenings. Love face oils in winter. Our skin needs more moisture in winter and face oils are the best to invest into. Try!

Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Perfect Skin Set + Refresh Mist

Rich in antioxidants, a full of vitamin C and collagen-boosting amino acids, this Dr. Dennis Gross leaves the skin super-hydrating and refreshed. Use on clean skin before make up as well as after to enhance the make up. It is a great addition to your handbag to spritz during the day, during working hours for extra hydration and protection against environmental damage.


Emergen C is in a small sachet of 9.9g but its high concentration of minerals and vitamins. It provides immune system support and helps with an energy during the day. Its a full of antioxidants which protect your cells against free radicals which can damage your cells. The Emergency C includes B12, B6 for energy release, vitamin D, C of course and, Zinc.

In a half litre of H2O add a sachet of Emergen C. Shake it well and drink it during the day when you feel sluggish, want to boost your energy level during your working hours or during exercises. If feeling like cold might be on its way, use two sachet per day to boost your immunity. This could be your new discovery keeping you with energy throughout the day without saying ‘I am tired.’ Try and let me know.

All the skincare products can be found in space nk website, feel unique, harrods, net-n-porter and other beauty online retailers. Plus, on Amazon especially Emergen-C sachets.

Hope you enjoy my ‘seasonal-relevant’ Winter Skincare Saviours + drink to include ‘for your daily hectic life’ this winter.

Till next time,

Julia xx