How to Get Winter Skin Glow with these Four Precious Face Oils

Face oils have been around for centuries and have become increasingly more mainstream these days. As temperature drops and heating goes up, the skin is out of a comfort zone and lucking a moisture. I believe at some case, face oils are better than moisturisers or both together. I have now better understanding on how much your skin benefits from an oil and how much oil considers to be a miracle liquid. ( Even shinier skin types it can really help with oil regulation. )

It has small particles and penetrates into lower level of epidermis, deeper than serum can. Oils protect the skin’s acid mantle, they rebuild and maintain skin’s lipid barrier due to external factors like seasonal temperature, heating, humidity, sickness and travel. Since oils creates a lipid barrier over the skin, it can speed up the skin’s own healing process and repair.

Four Precious Face Oils for  Healthy Winter Skin Glow:

By Terry Huile de Rose Facial Oil £69

Huile de Rose By Terry

Nutri-regenerating, firming-lift oil. It is an formula with advanced technology and contains 6 powerful precious Rose extracts. Rose plant cells stimulate cellular activity, promote collagen and slow down the skin ageing. It’s a ‘dry’ oil which means it is very refined and light and, absorbs quickly. After just few applications, the skin nourished, face volume are plumped and leaves the skin calm and hydrated all day long.
I recommend evening application of 6-8 drops on a clean skin. Could be used on its own or before your night cream. If needed and your skin is particularly on a dryer side, add morning application and mixed a couple of drops into daily moisturiser. Apply always before my foundation primer or foundation itself. Its divine scent!

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil £45

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil

It’s BioOrganic 100% pure botanical night oil. It’s an intensive overnight boosting treatment which works in conjunction with skin’s nightly repair mode. It contains oils – kalahari, mongongo, kigelia and baobab which delivers omegas 3,6 and 9. All oils and hibiscus work on restructuring and regenerating epidermis and hibiscus fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

Use 10 drops at night before your night cream. What a gorgeous scent ( naturally scented from blend of Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin ) and gorgeous oil!

African Botanics Marula Pure Marula Oil 63ml £60

Maula Pure Marula Oil

Organic facial oil with natural anti-ageing and collagen-boosting properties. It is LA based brand with South African roots. It is a luxurious, lightweight cold-pressed Pure Marula Oil that leaves skin perfectly balanced. It has blend of vitamin C and E which helps cells turnover and remain resistant to damage. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for use as anti-ageing product all year around. Will leave the skin supple, dewy and well nourished.

This Marula Pure Oil is much thicker oil consistency comparing with By Terry and Aurelia face oils but, equally so beautifully scented and anti-ageing. Very pleasant smell!

Rodin Luxury Face Oil £97 – Rodin Ollio Lusso

Linda Rodin, the top stylist in the industry has decided to created her own face oil. Olio Lusso is aromatic blend of 11 essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals. Can be applied mornings and evenings for looking and feeling instantly supple and radiant. Would recommend more for dry, dehydrated skin and those Jasmine scent fan, as predominantly higher % is jasmine oil. The finish of this oil is quite oily so would not recommend for oily skin.
However, for those who are very dry, almost flaky skin, Rodin luxury face oil with essential oils could be absolutely ideal. So try it!

Four Facial Oils for now. I am sure there will be more soon… I love gorgeous Facial Oils! Hope you enjoyed them and please do share your experience. Sorry about not attaching the last image.

All my face oil love,

Julia xx

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