Walt Disney UK Employee Forum, 20th January 2016 in Apollo Hammersmith

Last Wednesday 20th January, it was my 4th year to look after Makeup and hair for Walt Disney UK Yearly Employee Forum. This year, we expected few more of Main Speakers, in-house-models and Special Guests. I needed a help and extra pair of hands on the day so I was pleased that my friend and experienced artist, Ann Marie was available.

In the morning, we all met up in Apollo Hammersmith, one of the UK’s largest and best preserved original theatres. Well, we have felt that ‘original preserved theatre thing’ as soon as we arrived. Our makeup and hair room was on the 5th floor with no lift. Our zuca bags were full and, I had an additional bag with hair tools and hair products. On the arrival, before entering the blue’ door on the side of the entrance, we bumped into a young helper who did help with all our bags. Phew. And, so many helpers there throughout. Lucky us. Despite of, no lift situation, our makeup room was cosy and had everything we needed to create and to prepare the speakers on the stage to look presentable and polished.

In previous years, there were special guests and so did this year. Last year, we had Jim Morris and Ed Catmull from LA branch and year before, Kathleen Kennedy ( president of Lucasfilm ) This year, our special guests were; Warwick Davies ( British actor, Television presenter, Producer and Ewok in Star Wars ), Ben Sherwood LA based ( co-chairman of Disney Media Network and president, Disney/ABC Television Group). Alex Maxwell, the new young artist/singer who signed to Disney Music Group last year. We also had an extra young models who appeared on the stage.

My makeup bag was a full of skincare, makeup and hair stuff, as you do and, here are just few items which I decide to use on the day.

Skin Care ~

FullSizeRender (20)

  • Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution £4.49 Boots – It is water based cleansing solution which removes makeup on face and eyes easily, removes impurities and hibiscus helps with brightenning effect. No rinse necesary. It’s gentle formula and great on-go, on weekends away as makeup remover and on-jobs for a quick and easy cleansing solution. Great price too!
  • Colbert MD Tone Control Facial Discs £65 in Space NK – Love this unique formula and the product. It makes your skin feel incredibly hydrated after the application. Helps brightens your skin complexion and even out a skin tone. Use after your cleansed skin before your face serum or moisturiser. Comes in pack of 20 discs. Great to take few on holidays.
  • Colbert Stimulate Serum £125 Space NK – Light, gel serum formula penetrate beautifully into skin. It feel cooling and boosts collagen production instantly as soon as you apply. Unique QuSome technology ( in all Colbert products ) where antioxidants and active ingredients penetrate deep into dermis where the new skin begin. The Stimulate Serum is perfect before your moisturiser or on more combination skin; apply Erborian Pink Creme only ( skip moisturiser ) My boyfriend enjoys his evening rituals, when I help with an application of the Stimulate Serum and, so did Anna Hill, the female lady Disney speaker on the day.
  • Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream £28 Space NK – It would do exactly what it says on packaging. Calming, hydrating ans soothing. It has a calming properties and suitable for any reactive skin. Men in general, have a sensitive skin as only been introduced to a skincare regime not long ago, so it is ideal for them too. Love mixing skincare products and, on this occasion, I mixed Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream with By Terry Touche Veloutee concealer and I applied on Warwick Davies and Ben Sherwood jjst before they appeared on the stage. It did not take me long to mix the two-together’ and, both of them seemed to enjoyed the speed of the application and, they still look like themselves.
  • Erborian Pink Perfect Crem £36  – the perfect primer, perfect smooth finish and subtle glow. Men speakers have had application of it and worked so well on them too.

Makeup Choice ~


On Laura, one of the model, I chose silver and blue and, a bit of galactic shine and sparkle. Silver eye colour which I used on the eye lids it was from Dolce Gabbana Intense eye khol in Silver. Very silvery, solid eye colour so I decided to use as eyeshadow. Follow by, Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liner in Cobalt. It’s a gel eyeliner which comes in the pot with a very intense pigment. On the top of the each liner, I added Mac Glitzer Reflects Turquatic colour and smudged too give a stronger, more intense look. By Terry Purple Success Growth Booster Mascara worked perfectly with the look. Its non-smudge mascara with a lash growth booster and hint of purple hue. In terms of face powder, I chose Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation in Noisette which is good for mattifying  effect and I used it for contouring as well. Lips were clear and iridescent. Chantecaille Polaris Galactic Lip Shine is clear, shiny lip gloss with iridescent particles. Just perfect for this ‘Galactic Look’.

More Makeup Items which have been used; By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Serum Foundation, By Terry Terrybly Blush in Dance Nude n.4, By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Black Pearl n.1, Blond Opal n.3, Brown Perfection n.13, By Terry Eyebrow Mascaras, By Terry Baume de Rose rose lip balm, By Terry Mascaras in Purple Success and Black and Eveline Big Volume Mascara Explosion Deep Volume.

Hair Products by Windle & Moodie


After using shampoos and conditioners from Windle & Moodie which I am absolutely in love with scent and how the hair feels afterwards – much fuller and healthier. ( as there is NO sulphates, propylene glycol, silicones or parabens )   I was aching to style and use the rest of styling products. On both ladies, Dayna and Anna, I used Invisible Day and Night Cream to give the hair more moisture. On Dayna, we created soft curls by WAM tongs and Light Satin Hairspray was perfect to finish the style without hair feeling sticky. Anna’s fabulous natural curls, we enhanced with a touch of Curl Enhancer which helped to separate the curls and give them more bounce.

Matte Paste and Volcanic Ash Wax were popular amongst all men speakers and, on Alex, the singer, we used Matte Texture Spray which gave her texture and that’ extra volume on the roots of the hair. After, we added Texture Cream, we scrunched the cream all over for more grittier look. Alex looked amazing and gritty’, messy and sexy hair-do suited her well.

There are no picture from anyone else, I agree. So apology for that, as when we started with makeup and hair, it all became so consistent with speakers coming in for makeup and grooming and the momentum was in the flow’ that we concentrated more on everyone looking amazingly good than taking the Pics. Next time…

Hope you enjoyed the mixture of different beauty, makeup and hair products and, if you have any questions, drop me a line.

All my beauty love till soon,