Vegan Beauty – My Top 5 Vegan Beauty Brands!


If you are reading this post, I am already in my 6th day of being vegan. And, I am enjoying it… hasn’t taken long to think Vegan Beauty. Vegan Beauty? Yes. As much we want to look after ourselves internally why not think externally too? Our skin loves being pampered.

There are not many vegan beauty brands, it is a still small but ‘very much’ growing market. And, I believe there will be more on offer in near future.

Over the years, I have used a lots of skincare, haircare and makeup from Space NK so it was no brainer nor difficult to find my fav Skincare Vegan Brands. I don’t want to tell you to throw away your £100 high tech day cream because it was highly recommended to you and you do like a smell, you love the results, etc… so do finish it off. For your next purchase, would you consider a different option, an option of cruelty-free skincare, makeup? Being aware is a foundation of any knowledge, I believe. I have chosen these products in this post because  I was familiar with the brands and I have opportunity to used few…  Bakel, Goldfaden MD or Aurelia for daily nourishment with effective results, I promise you – there is one suitable for you. So here they are. My Top Vegan Beauty 5!

Vegan Beauty – My Top 5!

Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call 50ml

Vegan Beauty - My Top 5

This is overnight miracle. Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call is luxurious, creamy overnight moisturiser that helps with texture and firmness of the skin. It is botanical based skincare, developed naturally and inspired by science. Suitable for all as all products have pleasant clean scent with almost no scent at all. CoQ10, Alpha Lipoid Acid, Retinol and Organic Red Tea are powerful rejuvenating and firming ingredients which helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles. Your skin will be supple, hydrated, firm and, you love your mornings again!

Bakel Q10 – B5 Anti-Stress Serum 30ml £95

Vegan Beauty - My Top 5

Innovative serum with Zero ineffective ingredients and 100% only active ingredients. Bakel Q10 – B5 prevents signs of ageing, has energising effect for the skin, soothes, excellent for most sensitive, redness or reactive skin. The texture is light clear gel which helps to penetrate to the skin much easier. It is also suitable under the eyes if you want to use it as face and eye product. Lighter and layering is more beneficial for the skin than one heavy-duty cream. Can be used day and night on its own or under your favorite daily moisturiser. Dream product, dream results.

Heal gel Intensive 30ml £37.50

Vegan Beauty - My Top 5

Favorite of most beauty bloggers and featured in InStyle and Tatler 2016. This light gel – Heal gel Intensive is all about the best active ingredients to soothe, repair and protect the skin. Excellent for burns, as soothing treatment, bruises, sensitive skin, etc… Some might use as daily treatment skincare product but for me this Heal gel Intensive always been emergency skin rescue formula. Try Heal gel Face or Heal gel Eye for more specific needs.

Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant 50g £18

Vegan Beauty - My Top 5

Aurelia is 100% pure BioOrganic botanical brand which proves that even nature can be scientific and has amazing results without using any chemicals. Natural, botanical, aluminium free deodorant. It is cream powder formula infused with lavender and bergamot to give a lovely light fragrance. A bit unusual application as fingers need to be used instead of spray or roller. I believe natural is better in the long run than using chemical so whatever the application, I go for it. Try it for yourself. Aurelia’s whole range with gorgeous aromatherapy smells is simply addictive!

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation £42

Vegan Beauty - My Top 5

Hourglass is luxurious cruelty-free and vegan-friendly makeup line with formulas and ingredients that are actually good for the skin. Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation is the latest arrival to Hourglass collection and has amazing medium to full coverage and can be build able. It is waterproof, gives 12 hour coverage and, has a double the amount of pigment which coverage can be achieve in one application. Absolutely love this foundation with a satin finish and, on the stick – can’t be easier to travel now!

All these vegan beauty products can be purchased in Space NK in stores and online but, do search on other beauty related web sites as much cheaper, surprisingly.

There are more vegan brands out there like Pacifica – cheaper alternative but worth to have a look. I will be doing more reviews on Pacifica and other vegan beauties soon so stay tuned and, don’t forget to subscribe for monthly Julia K Beauty newsletter.

All my vegan love,

Julia xx