Treat Your Skin from healing Hungary’s Thermal Waters

Not a long ago, I have been introduced to Margaret de Heinrich, the founder of Omorovicza. Inspiring, stylish lady with a strong passion for a great skin. I can really relate to that. Skin has fascinated me since childhood and how we are all different with different skin types.

Omorovicza story has began around 2,000 years ago when the healing properties were first discovered from Hungary’s thermal waters where found remarkable anti-aging benefits. Minerals which captured in their original forms, changes to a molecular structures that skin recognises and only after that, delivers them to the deepest level of the skin where the miracle of greatest effect happens. Omorovicza Skincare with its healing properties, I believe suits all.

From incredible Hydro Mineral Collection and The Gold Collection to The Blue Diamond Collection and many others, there is choice for everyone and for every concerns.

Omorovicza Cleansing foam is one of the best cleanser I have ever had so to compliment, I choose two skin care products from best sellers. – Gold Flash Firming Serum and Rejuvenating Night Cream.

Gold Flash Firming Serum 30ml £135

Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum

This Gold Serum is all about Gold and and as we might know by now, gold has a tremendously healing properties. It is firming with anti-aging benefits, its plumping and strengthen the skin.  With a gorgeous gold shimmering particles, the skin gets an instant illuminating sheen and glow. l love how light it feels on the skin, penetrates beautifully within seconds and only after two days, I truly feel that my skin feels plumped and radiant. Oh, and, it’s oil free. Perfect for those hot summer days! If you have oily, combination skin, use only the serum and follow by SPF moisturising product.

Rejuvenating Night Cream 50ml £110

Treat Your Skin to Minerals from Hungary's Thermal Waters

This buttery texture of this Rejuvenating night cream feels soft and the skin feels really nourished and strengthened. Is enriched with natural fruit oils that gives skin the vitamin it needs and, the skin feels soft and hydrated. Initially, the cream might feel heavier but, just try with a small amount on your palm of your hands first and the cream will warm up nicely. Small goes long way. Contains hazelnut peptides and vitamin A which helps with firming, lifting effect and cell renewal. Morning will be your new evening to look forward to!

I am sure there will be more to share with you from Omorovicza world sometimes in near future. There are so many other products I need to get my hands on. Complexion Perfector BB is next…

Hope you enjoyed this hungarian wonderful choice and I will speak again,

Julia x