Transitioning from Summer to Autumn

Are are we ready for the Transition from Summer to Autumn? Apparently, this weekend suppose to be around 20C. Hot and cold weather make us unwell and our body fights to adjust to the fluctuation of temperature. So we need a support. Support from good nutritional food which will support our immune system ( check in the next post ), we need de-stress our body and mind – as many Autumn parties, product launches coming up. We are entering into the busiest time of the year. We simply need to look after our dosha – our whole mind-body type. In Ayurveda, health is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body and environment. So fascinating, so interesting and if you like me that would rather take more holistic approach to your well-being, everything about Ayurveda you will find interesting and hopefully helpful. Learn and read more in Mauli Rituals website and take a dosha quiz.

Year after year, I search for something new, something to support immune system, beauty product to relax body and mind. Whether might be new skin care on the market, effective body product ‘healthy beauty shot’ or healthy dish. Beauty world is not slowing down quite opposite, more and more founders create new formulations to protect our skin from free radicals, pollution, winds, pure organic beauty market is spreading fast and we do look into more holistic way to heal us and more alternative way to our well-being.

Here I present few of my favorite Autumn Beauty products which will protect your skin, in the fast paced city we live in. Body products to soothe your body and mind and, a couple of organics picks from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

My Beauty choice for the Transition from Summer to Autumn

Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm 50g £40

Transition from Summer to Autumn

For those upcoming colder days and nights, we need to start listening what the skin needs. More moisture, more TLC. Multi-purpose best-selling beauty balm with a full of anti-oxidant, wild rosehip seed oil gives you a radiant and glowing complexion. Can be used as your balm cleanser in autumn and winter months ( don’t forget to use muslin cloth to remove all the excess ) or leave it on as a moisturiser. I would prefer as night moisturiser as it is a rich balm consistency and could be just a little too much oils before your morning makeup application. For anyone with oily skin, do use sparingly. A little goes long way. Lovely girls at St Pancras Kings cross Neal’s Yard will be happy to give you a little sachet sample to try it out first.

OSKIA City Life Booster £110

Transition from Summer to Autumn

The latest on the market, Oskia City Life Booster is to be considered to try it out. It is concentrated booster which protects the skin against indoor and outdoors pollution. Blends of micor-encapsulated of Co-Enzyme Q10, Astanxantin, Malachite, Vitamin B3, C, E, O3 Yeast Lysate and unique EUK-134. EUK-134 is exceptionally rare regenerating molecule that scavenges superoxide free radicals and converts reactive oxygen into water and oxygen. Wow sounds like a support molecule! Can be used ONLY by added 1 drop to your favourite serum or moisturiser. We do not recommend to use on its own. It is highly concentrated so just protect your sensitive skin. A little application tip – do not use any skincare with strong acid specially NOT which contains Ascorbic acid straight after as it will completely destroy the EUK-134 which is based on manganese.

OSKIA City Life Facial Mist £48

Transition from Summer to Autumn

Comparison other mists, Oskia latest City Life Facial Mist is clean without any alcohol. It might feel more watery when you spray on your face but that is because with 0% alcohol you get heavier duty of water. Still, I can use after my makeup or on clean skin. This anti-pollution beautifying mist hydrates your skin instantly, gives brightening effect and refreshes. It contains micro-encapsulated blends of Astaxanthin, Malachite and Co-Enxyme Q10, Vitamin C, B3, Yeast Lysate and EUK-134 which protects against pollution as well as works free-radical damage throughout the day. Your perfect companion in London or in any city!

Mind Body Rituals

Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts £42

Transition from Summer to Autumn

Your perfect well-being super-charged Himalayan salts. Mauli Himalayan salts are charged with 84 of 92 minerals which you can find in the body. This unique blend combines with unique vibration energy from those minerals and with combination of therapeutic oils, it will bring you with a sense of well-being and most relaxed. So whether you feel overworked, overstressed, living day-by-day in overstimulating world, the Mauli Himalayan salts will surely help you to totally switch off and relax. Have a bath, inhale and breathe and repeat…  Two tablespoons of Mauli Himalayan salts in a full hot bath and after 20mins you will feel energised again.

Mauli Rituals Surrender Vata Body Oil £47

Transition from Summer to AutumnSurrender Body Oil from Mauli has been created for a spa in Bulgari Hotel and the benefits can now be experienced at home. Surrender your self with this Surrender Body Oil for complete relaxation and supple skin with a blend of camomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, vetiver, sandalwood, may chang, geranium and with nourishing base oils – sweet almond and sesame. Use as a massaging oil to switch off your anxious mind and release tension in your muscles, relax those aching bones and, if you use few drops in a bath, you will sleep like a baby. Also, few drops on pulse points before mediation or yoga practice to keep you grounded and present. There are other 2 Mauli Body Oils are Vata, Kapha depends on your Dosha or Vital Energy. Perfect well being gift to yourself or to a friend.

De Mamiel Altitude Oil £28

Never enough of De Mamiel Altitude oil. Whether you are off on holidays and scared of flying, Altitude oil will be your best friend during your short or long-haul flight. The scent is so therapeutic, puts you into a super-calm mood. Not only helps in 30,000 feet but whenever you feel unwell and need an energy and immune boost. Could be used in public transports and when you feel clostrophobic. Anytime, anywhere there is no limit how much you can inhale. Altitude oil is your one great supporter ‘on-the-go’ through your seasonal transition.

Susanne Kaufman Oil Bath for the Senses £44

Transition from Summer to Autumn

Experience a relaxation with a blend of Lavander, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli in this Oil Bath from Susanne. The essential oils and beautiful aroma will moisturise your skin and calm your senses. The skin will feel more supple and soft. The rosemary sprig which you can see in the bottle gives an additional benefits to your skin and mind. Apart that acts as antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, Rosemary has ability boost your memory improve your mood and relieve pains and aches, heals skin condition plus protect the immune system. Wow. Lots of benefits from one little sprig. Let’s give it a go!

Organic Throat Ritual

Neal’s Yard Organic Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray £15.95

Transition from Summer to Autumn

A taste of elderberry and organic honey, this soothing throat spray from Neal’s Yard it could be your good friend in those autumn days when we sleep less and party more and our throat needs a soothing support. A pleasant scent and quite tasty.

All products you can purchase in Space NK website or in Space NK stores and Neal’s Yard.

Stay tuned for some healthy food, healthy daily beauty shots and immune booster drinks.

Hope you enjoy these transition beauty bits. What’s your Beauty, Health mind-body savers for the Autumn?

All my beauty and healthy love,

Julia xx