The Secret to Beautiful Lush Hair


So much to consider when washing the hair. Is there a correct way to wash your hair? Yes, there is! How many times you come out from hairdressers and your hair felt soft, red-carpet amazing. Because it is not just about suitable hair cut, blow dry but also techniques how we wash our hair. Over the years, washing hair became our second nature so we don’t even think about how we are doing it. But there is secret to it.

And, if you wash your hair every day – stop! I know easier to say than its done but please stop for your own benefit. It takes 24 hours to produce natural oils called sebum which protects the scalp. If we over washing it, the scalp can get dry and prone to breakage – which I have noticed in some of my clients, friends who have thin hair because have to wash their hair every day; as firmly expressed. A little of bit of dirt in your hair with natural oils is ok and if you can’t bear it the greasiness in your hair, try Windle & Moodie Matte Texture Spray for texture, body and volume on the roots, acts as dry shampoo – and, would prolong your day or two before you reach for a shampoo again. We all love this product!

The Secret to beautiful lush hair. Wash your hair like a pro…

  • H2O temperature. Some of us might be tempted to use hot water while washing our hair. Don’t be. Temperature of water should be warm instead of really really hot. There is no exact temperature which has been proven that we should be using  while washing hair but definitely should be on cooler side. If using too hot water that might – most probably – stimulate your sebum glands and it will increase in the level of sebum which could lead to greasy hair.
  • How to shampoo and rinse. Start with a rinse. I mean; rinse with warm water first. You don’t need hair product only running water will be enough. It will help to open the cuticles up and is ready for shampoo. It might be with a bit of surprise but shampoo should be applied on your roots of the hair only. Yes, only.
  • Lathering effect. You don’t need too much shampoo as you only apply on the roots. We have got used to a lots of lather effect from sulphates which are in lots of shampoos. If we over use sulphates shampoos, we might eventually become more sensitive and prone to itchy scalp eventually – I have heard from my clients recently a lot. Some non-sulphates shampoos slightly lather too so search for those as much better for the scalp and hair in the long run.
  • The best to massage you hair. Be gentle with your hands when massage the scalp. Try to avoid using long nails and use minimal pressure. Concentrate more on the roots of your hair.
  • Choose right shampoo for your type. You might be surprise just to hear that there is a different hair type. We all know that shampoo is not on our hair too long so probably some might think it does not matter what to use but, it really does. As we have skin type, it does apply for hair too. If your hair feels more oily, consider more clarifying shampoo ( i.e. ingredients of sage oils, eucalyptus even tea tree ) and monitor over the few weeks so your hair does not over dry. Perhaps, add another shampoo between. Preferably, from the same brand. On the other side; if you have more dry hair, choose shampoo with more soothing and moisturising ingredients. ( coconut or argan oil, natural derived sugar beet extract, etc. … )
  • Ingredients awareness. Over they years, we have been aware of ingredients in skincare, makeup and now even in our shampoos and styling products. Some shampoos like Windle & Moodie shampoos do not contain any sulphates, are free from parabens, silicones and even propylene glycol. The all four shampoos gently lather and, healthy scalp is the company’s first priority. Another non sulphates shampoos is Living Proof and Phillip B. If you are using Kerastase or Oribe – sulphates shampoos and, you have been enjoying it and feeling your hair is still fabulous, why not finish the bottle and after, why not try something different, much cleaner and healthier.

Summer Hair Product 2016 for Lush Hair

My absolute n.1. Summer Hair Product 2016 would have to be – Windle & Moodie Essential Oil Elixir which is Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil. It smells so delicious and spa-like. With 98% pure natural essential oils is difficult to resist. Use once a week as your pre-shampoo treatment is enough to see difference on hair texture and moisture. Apply on dry hair, leave it for half hour or an hour and after, use shampoo and conditioner as normal. The hair will feel gorgeous and lush again! Read here more about Essential Oil Elixir how else can be used…

Enjoy washing your hair like a pro and get your new beautiful lush hair this season!

The Secret to Beautiful Lush Hair

Till next week again,

All my lush hair love,

Julia xx