Texture, Structure or Care?


Who doesn’t want a sexy hair? I think we all do want sexy hair-do! Any-time, any-where and any-day…

Not too long ago, I discovered Windle and Moodie hair products. The WAM Trio products consist of thickening cream, curl enhancer and texture cream. I love hair products which are easy to apply, being versatile of their application ( on wet or dry hair ) and create a style in just few seconds. ( as well as Invisible day & Night Cream – you have to try this one out if, haven’t managed. It’s your daily moisturiser but for your hair ) What about you? What’s your mourning routine before work or evening due?

So whatever your hair might be; they are long and straight and need an extra volume. Curls which need a bit of more care. Curls that might need a definition, separation and frizzy-free effect. Or, your hair have different layers, kind of half length or short and, want more texture and an extra zhush’.

Here I would like to present ‘The WAM Trio’, hair styling products which they can help you create hair style in no time. Choose depends on your hair type and want you desire to achieve.

Thickening Cream 150ml £12.50

It is a  red tube for structure. Gives you instant volume and thickening effect on the roots of your hair. An option of using the thickening cream on wet or dry hair. For bigger, better volume, use the cream on wet, damp hair working through from the roots and all over. Use round, big hair brush and blow dry to create a big volume. You might need a slightly longer than few minutes to create the style and, it all depends on your hair length and how thick is your hair. Contains UV filter so perfect for sunny holidays.

Curl Enhancer 150ml £12.50

Green tube for care. For a perfect separation of curls and effortless bounce, bounce. For the best result, apply from the ends of your hair and work up up to the roots evenly and scrunch. Depends on the thickness of your hair, you might need to use small amount of the product to each section. Apply on wet hair and use diffuser for better bigger curls ( in small sections ) or just work through your dry hair. The curl enhancer protects against humidity and gives natural glossy shine. Also, contains UV filter. Another great holiday must-have.

Texture Cream 150ml £15.00

And, yellow tube for texture. Gives you that’ texture and body you desire. Use a small amount of the texture cream into your hair to give you a fabulous texture and gritty look. Can be used on wet hair for better and longer hold or scrunch the texture cream into dry hair before your work or during, to give your hair more body and an extra zhush’. Alex Maxwell, the singer also enjoyed ‘the texture cream’ last Thursday when performing on the stage at Apollo Hammersmith Event for Walt Disney Employee Forum. And, so did I as you see on the main feature picture in this blog. The texture cream has quickly became my morning hair-application’ friend.

Don’t forget to use Windle & Moodie Foundation Spray 200ml £13.50 as your first application. It is ‘your prep’ before any styling hair product. Spray all over on your wet hair. The foundation spray is also great detangler and moisturiser for any hair type. After, just enjoy the application of product whether you fancy thickening effect, define those’ curls or want more texture and that’ gritty look.

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Enjoy the hair blog and have a Fabulous Good Hair Day!

All my texture, nitty-gritty’ love,