Tatiana Bridal Makeup at Vinne’ Lake in Slovakia

What a Wedding!

The day for Tatiana and Peter has arrived. It was 27th October 2012. Well, after 18th years living together, I thought it was about a time…

It was the most spontaneous, a short weeks advanced planned Wedding I have ever been attended to. The most unforgettable moments with full-of energetic friends and loving family.
As it was a short in advance, we did not manage to do a trial for Bridal Makeup and Hair. However Tatiana was relaxed and put all her confidence in me to create her Bridal makeup and hair on actual day. And, a challenge was on. Sometimes, you might know your friend, a client but when it comes to Bridal makeup I would always recommend a trial. In this occasion, it was not possible because of a proximity between each other so we just discuss in more details over the phone and skype.

Saturday early morning, here we were. Up and ready but only after my full face-on makeup including a lots of coat of mascara and a large nespresso. Tatiana arrived for her skin prep first. Then, Radka, her daughter. Anna, her sister-in-law and, Miska, her daughter, 13year old going on 18th!

Tatiana Bridal Make up

Knowing Tatiana over twenty years, I am guessing I have earned a trust. I arrived in Slovakia a two days before the Wedding. On Friday, a day before the Wedding, we did more of preparing the reception room ie. baloons, chairs and room deco, etc. … than doing Bridal Make up trial. Tatiana loved the look and I was pleased all worked out and I could made her happy and relaxed on her special day. With a flawless skin and radiance.

Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum 30ml £135

Omorovicza Gold Flash Serum
I cleansed Tatiana’s skin with a moisturising cream cleanser from Trish McEvoy and removed the excess of moisturising cream with a damp cotton pad.
On a clean skin, I applied 7 drops of a punchy anti-aging formula packed with luxurious gold ferment. Gold Flash Firming Serum from Omorovicza’. The magic from a mineral cosmetology.The potent properties of gold and other active ingredients help to re-texture and repair the skin.
Gold Flash Firming Serum does not come at a cheap price point but it is a time of the year ( winter times ) to invest in something more powerful and more beneficial for the skin. Especially if you feel your skin needs anti-aging boost.
Do not look at your age, listen to your skin what needs. You can be 25 years old but very demanding lifestyle with lots of traveling and lots of weekend parties and you will definitely benefit from this divine Omorovicza gold flash firming serum. Or, you might be in your late 30’s or 40’s. Benefits are there for all.¬†Read more about Omorovicza – Mineral Cosmetology, the unique luxury Skincare here

Omorovicza ‘Gold Flash Firming Serum was definitely a good choice of a skin product for Tatiana, I used it before primer application, as her skin has been a bit sensitive and a quite reactive in last few months, as she pointed out. As much as Tatiana’s skin in her late 30’s, still looks very firm but, I still wanted to give her a Boost of Gold Glow with radiance. And, it worked.
Her skin felt firmer, smooth textured with a gold sheen on her skin. Absolutely gorgeous skin Glow.’

Skincare which I used on Tatiana

  • Gold Flash Firming Serum Omorovicza
  • Gentle buffing Cleanser ‘Omorovicza’
  • Beauty Booster Antifatique cream enriched with primer Trish McEvoy

Makeup I used

  • Rituals Precious Gemstone Foundation
  • True Match Mineral Powder L’oreal
  • Eye Base Essential Trish McEvoy
  • Flawless Concealer Trish McEvoy
  • Intense Arabian Nights Gel Eye Liner Trish McEvoy
  • Individual Flare False Lashes Shu Uemera

In terms of coverage, it was a combination of Rituals Precious Foundation and Tatiana’s True Match Mineral powder from L’oreal.
The skin looked flawless and lots of blending helped with longevity of the Make-up. The corrector and eye base primer I chose flawless concealer and eye base essential from Trish McEvoy which I enjoy using it.
As every step in makeup application is important, we do pay a lots of attention on the eyes.
The impact of the Eyes we created thicker lash line inside the roots of the lashes from the bottom and on the top with Intense Arabian nights gel eye liner – Trish McEvoy. A slight flick on the outer corner I created with using a painting gel eyeliner midnight blue + individual flare lashes ‘Shu Uemera’ across whole Eye of the top lashes to get the Full Lash Look. And, that did the Trick.

On the day, we also loved By Terry ‘Rose de Rose in Coral Rose’ liquid blusher which enhanced the cheek bones and gives natural radiance on the cheeks.

Tatiana looked Timelessly Beautiful. I am so glad I could join Tatiana + Peter Wedding. It was a very Special Weekend for both of us!

Totally exhausted I arrived back in London on Monday afternoon. But, that did not matter because being together and share their Special W* Day, it was worth every minute of it! Who cares I was tired one whole week after…

Congratulations guys and many more happy days together to come.

Enjoy the blog and any I will with you some more exciting makeup’s soon,

Love Julia xx