Summer Sexy Hair with Top 4 Hair Essentials

Summer continues in UK and it feels lovely. Apparently, next week, higher temperatures of 25C will arrive. We all aware that this warm weather never last for too long and, some might say – its tooooo hot again. A little bit of natural Vitamin D which we get in UK is so good for our souls. So let’s embrace it!

If you are somewhere in hot country on holidays or in UK, we do like our hair to be Gorgeous, Sexy, Irresistible… So I have been thinking which few items you would enjoy as August seem to be Hair month. ( UVA/UVB Protection and Shimmer Bronze Glow month too… )

The hair essentials selection suddenly became quick and easy than an initial thought. A product for beach wave sexy gritty look, a product for repair – which acts as leaving in conditioner – after the exposure of the sun, 3rd product choice would have to be for more invisible moisture am + pm with UV protection and, the last one for smoothing and shine effect with UV filter.

So here are 4 of my Summer choice:

Top 4 Hair Essentials for Summer Sexy Hair

Oribe Matte Wave Texture Lotion £37

Think of Beach Wave and Salty Sexy Gritty Finish. For anyone with even finest hair, this Oribe matte wave texture lotion gives you texture, wave and grip to a style. Hair is UV protected. Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. No parabens, sulphates and no sodium chloride. Loving the texture and within seconds your gritty look is done!

Summer Sexy Hair with 4 Top Hair Essential

Phyto PhytoKeratine Extreme 100ml £27.10

This luxurious formula is leave-in treatment and deeply nourishing with regenerating properties, formulated with botanical keratin and 18 amino acids to imitate natural keratin which is found in hair. Ideal for damaged, over-processed, dry and brittle hair. Sulphates and parabens free. Sapote butter and baobab oil added to soften and repair the hair. Gorgeous smell, soft texture – difficult to resist!

Windle & Moodie Shine and Smoothing Oil 75ml £21

Would you like shine and smoothing finish for your hair and style? With Windle and Moodie shine and smoothing oil you seem to achieve that easily. Weather you like to apply on dry or damp hair ( after your prep, foundation spray or style extender ), it surely smooth finish you will get. Apricot, Camelia and Argan oils – the supercharge trio of divine essentials oils leaves your hair shiny and silky. Magic oil!

Windle & Moodie Invisible Day and Night Cream 60ml £18.50

Frizzy hair? Worry no more. Fine hair, no problem. It is invisible, simply weightless. No build-ups – promise. Only a pea size needed for either damp hair or dry. You can even blow dry for smooth finish. Invisible day & night cream now has became my morning routine – wash & quick go product. Read about this genius hair cream at Violet Grey – from the Industry Beauty Edit.

One other hair product – the hair treatment – which I can’t see my bathroom shelf to be without is – Windle & Moodie Essential Oil Elixir which talked about in the previous blog.

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Hope you enjoy these 4 + 1 ‘Hair Fabulous’ and speak to you soon again,

Julia xx


  • Thank you Julia for the recommendation of the invisible day and night cream! My hair not only looks healthier but it feels great! No more frizz. Really happy with this product!

    • Ah, you are very welcome. I am glad you are enjoying it. ????