Spring Fresh Clean Scent


New Fragrances CLEAN RESERVE at Space NK has been launched. The Spring is here and so all five fragrances from CLEAN collection.

I always have been into scents and how they make us feel. How can one ‘simple scent’ enhance our moods just by wearing something ‘we like’ and something ‘suits us’– something we are naturally drown to. Don’t you agree? Its not easy to find a right scent and have found on many occasions speaking to many of my clients that some, still have a dilemma to describe what they really like. Could that be sweet or musky that rocks your boat? Is it more woody, heavier scent you want? Or, simply fresh and clean? It is definitely worth that discovery. The fragrance should never over power you but gently enhances you. Something similar when you choose your ‘every-day’ makeup bits. We like the enhancement rather than over-powering full coverage.

Spring is the beautiful season in a year. All is waking up, freshness in the air and with that, fresh fragrances could really be the once would work the best for most. You don’t really fancy heavy perfume when you wake up in the morning, do you? Evenings are great time to experiment with heavier, sexier scent but for now, mornings and spring days I like to match the fragrance to.

As I was saying, trying few different blends as Space NK recently, I chose this New Arrival to share with you.

CLEAN RESERVE – Reserve Blend Warm Cotton EDP 100ml £79 –

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton

Inspired by the feeling of being in the deepest comfort and ultimate coziness. The ingredients has been carefully sourced and are eco-friendly. Obtaining sweet vanilla-tinged resin without harming the tree and the notes of watery ozonic, vetiver and organic benzoin. Great for those who love warm cotton and prefers a smell of quintessentially clean. You like it if you love to smells of freshly washed clean cotton.

There are 5 different fragrances and each CLEAN RESERVE has been created to be dynamic and evoke not with memories in the past but with new experienced to be discovered. We like memories but don’t we get excited with new experiences… ? Other four CLEAN RESERVE EDP are: Blonde RoseSmoked VetiverSueded Oud and Rain Cotton.

Perfect fragrance searching is never-ending and more new launches are in place. So go and explore. If this is not the one for you, maybe too powdery or too clean, I believe there is definitely one’ for you. Read about Diptyque here in my previous blog post February.

Acqua di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi has been one of my favorite for the past few years and everyone else around me seems to like it. It’s floral-fruity fragrance with the notes that will perfectly described Italian breeze from Mediterranean – bergamot, orange, luminos lemon, jasmin, grapefruit, mandarin. Also, a bit of musk, cedar and fig. Perfect Spring and Summer Fresh Breeze.

Other unique parfume which I thought it was a worth to share with you is; another latest launch in Space NK —  ZARKOPERFUME called Pink Molecule  090.09 100ml £75 – anything Nordic mystic and, I am hooked. So this one, is infused with pink champagne with underlining sense of Nordic natural mystic and danish spring breeze combining with dark woods and sea water. This fragrance shouts for purity but with strong sensual undertones and,… Copenhagen trip I can’t stop thinking about…

Hope you enjoyed these few spring/summer breeze scent picks and I shall speak to you very soon,

Love to hear which of the scent has been your favorite for the past few seasons…

All my lush scented love,

Julia xx