Soft Shiny Hair


How do you achieve soft shiny hair? Could you do with extra moisture, shine and repair with a smooth-to-touch? I certainly do.

Recent visit for a hair treatment @ Windle & Moodie Covent Garden hair salon, made my hair feel like – yes, yes, yes! Loved the healthy look and the shine on my hair afterwards.  You know that feeling when it is that day. The Good Hair Day.

The WAM hair treatment consist of Intense Treatment Mask and Essential Oil Elixir. It lasted about 20 mins and my hair felt really soft, well moisturised with a beautiful shine. I have since managed to re-created the same technique with the same products at home and, at the weekend, I tried nourishing conditioner ( instead of mask ) mixing with essential oil elixir. Well, can’t be compared when someone else is doing it but it became close. Pia at the WAM Covent Garden salon was so good in washing my hair with Fortifying Shampoo including the most relaxing head massage. After shampoo, she mixed intense treatment mask and a few drops of essential oil elixir in the mixing bowl. Sections by sections, she has applied all the mixture into my wet hair and left it for 20 mins. Then, washed it all off and roughly blow dried. Exactly as I like it.

Intense Treatment Mask 200ml £29

This intense treatment mask will give your hair strength and will intelligently  repair any damage or over processed hair. The keratin and lipid technology will do all that. It includes antioxidants green tea and cocoa butter for shine and nourishment with yummy cocoa-butter’ scents.

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There are several options how you can use Essential Oil Elixir. One is on its own as Pre-shampoo treatment and other ways to mix with Option n.1. – Intense Treatment Mask or Option n.2. – Nourishing Conditioner. Or, if you already own your favourite conditioner than add few drops together and apply on your ‘shampoo washed’ wet hair and leave it for 15-20 mins.

Essential Oil Elixir 50ml £26

Exquisite pre-shampoo treatment this essential oil elixir is. This gorgeous hair oil contains 98% pure natural oils. Blend of ‘heavenly’ essential oils like camelia oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, oats oil. Smells delicious like you want to put all over your face and body. But, of course you won’t. Hair application will do, for now… So how will we do it? If you decide to use this hair oil on its own, use it on dry hair. Preferably the day when your hair needs wash. Put a couple of drops on your finger tips and twist the oil into your hair. Smaller sections will be more effective. It will take you a while, depends on the length of your hair and thickness but, all worth at the end. Leave it for 30 mins or 1 hour and for those with thick hair or afro, leave it overnight. Then, shampoo and condition as normal. Your hair will look so silky soft and glossy again!

Nourishing Conditioner 250ml £16.50

Excellent for those with colour-treated hair and those who needs lots of nourishment. Rooibos tea gives a strength to the hair as it is known to promote hair growth and argan oil adds shine and lots of moisture. Use normally as conditioner or, for an extra, extra shine & moisture, add 4-5 drops of essential oil elixir and mix into conditioner. Apply after you wash your hair. Leave it for 5-10mins and wash it off. Your hair will be divine again!

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Hope you enjoy this blog post and speak to you very soon, early Spring.

All my Gorgeous Hair Love,