Ski Beauty & Skincare Essentials


Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2017! May the New Year brings you happiness, contentment, peace, new good habits and more adventures.

Hope you have started New Year with a plan for this year, smile on your face and a healthy glow. ( Don’t let your Blue Monday or any Mondays, in that matter, spoilt your plans or mood! )

Last week, I got back from exhilarating ski trip in Slovakia with the family. 40cm new snow in a couple of days and, -24C. It was something to remember. It’s not something you experienced every day. So far, most Europe ski destinations, had a lots of snowfall and, proper cold winter arrived. It has been years since we remember a white dreamy cover on mountains in early January.

As the weather drops below zero, in those harsh conditions, we should think about how to protect our skin. How to protect our face, lips, hands and even hair if, using a protective helmet. So here I prepared ski beauty tips, skincare essentials which could help you on your exciting upcoming ski holidays.

Ski Beauty & Skincare Essentials

There are so many beauty and skincare essentials for skiing to take with us but as winter clothes need more space luggage, we do think of practically and smaller packaging of beauty essentials become more favourable. I have selected few favorites and some travelled with me to the Slovakian mountains too…

Innarah Daily Moisture Creme £184

Oxygenates your cells, hydrates your skin, reduces appearance of fine lines, the skin is brighter and, the moisture creme has a perfect consistency. It is not oily at all, opposite. For those with combination skin – perfect. For those with dryer complexion, serum or facial oil for winter will be needed. On the mountains last week, I found that my skin needed and an extra facial oil before the Innarah moisture creme as the temperature dropped below zero and strong wind. I had spf product to use afterwards ( Erborian CC Creme spf 25 ) so I was not really bothered that my moisturiser did not as it did all other protection and hydration what dialy cream should do. More about incredible formulation of Innarah skincare line in the next blog post

If your prefer moisturiser and spf in one before you head to a chosen mountain, here are three amazing daily spf to choose from:

3 Recommended Ski Daily Moisturisers with SPF

1/ Malin & Goetz Face Moisturiser spf30. – 48ml £30. Family operated brand – skincare for both men & women with sensitive skin. It’s so lightweight and it’s all about giving the skin moisture it needs with a quick absorption  to the skin. Ideal product, amazing brand!

2/ Khiel’s – Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++ – light but intense moisturiser with protection of UVA and UVB. It is oil-free formula and will protect against dark spots and even wrinkles. Definitely worth to give it a go!

3/ Juice Beauty SPF30 Sport Moisturiser – chemical free and completely water resistant – created for outdoor activities. Contains jojoba and aloe with a lots of antioxidants and vitamins to protect the skin when needed most.

Erborian CC Creme SPF 25

Erborian CC Creme spf 25 became my one ‘on go skin product’ everywhere. No trip will ever be possible without it. Until you try it, you wouldn’t know what I am talking about. White cream on the application which adapts to your skin tone, covers blemishes and looks luminous in seconds. No makeup needed, only Erborian CC after your fav moisturiser. Spf is a bonus to the product and, the answer is yes – great for ski if you like a bit of enhanced, healthy colour on the skin. Magic!

UltraSun Protection Lip SPF 30.

Protect your lips with UltraSun Protection lip balm against harmful UV rays. It’s a high quality lip balm with spf30 enriched with blackcurrant oil. Ideal for temperatures even high altitude. My second year using this spf protective lip treatment and haven’t found anything better yet. The UltraSun lip balm feels soft and well moisturised. Can’t recommend highly enough. QVC site offer – 3 for £12. Normally 1 for £6 in Space NK.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 75ml £19

Aesop Resurrection hand balm – hydrates soothes and make the hands feeling soft from plant extracts and botanicals. The formulas is completely greaseless and powerful ingredients help with dryness and dermatitis. Ideal for outdoor activities and

Windle & Moodie Intense Treatment Hair Mask £32

We love good hair mask. We do! The Intense Treatment Windle & Moodie mask is lipid, keratine technology mask which will repair and strengthen your hair. The cocoa butter and green tea leaves your hair soft with a shine and your hair strands strong. A couple of times a week is enough to see and feel the difference. Use it after shampoo, on clean hair instead of conditioner. My absolute favorite and Lisa Eldridge loves it too!

If you have plans for skiing this year, check the weather first as in March and April might be warmer than in January. Take your protection accordingly but, don’t be mistaken for not taking enough high protection because you think will be warmer. In those months, higher a ski resort is positioned, sun could be stronger nearer those spring months and you can tan quicker and stronger as you ski in higher altitude. E.g. in Val D’isere – the highest ski lift is 3,456m. It is one of the highest ski resorts in Europe so be prepared. If you are more on the sensitive side or pale skin tone, take spf 50 without hesitation.

Here is the pic from Slovakia Ski Resort – Martinske Hole last week on the last day. From sunny Saturday with -21C day. It felt great being on the slopes again and, I just got a real taste of it. Ski Beauty & Skincare Essentials

Hope your Blue Monday was ok and the rock-n-roll, exciting week has already started for you!

All my winter, healthy love,

Julia xx