Silky Light Shine Hair Spray


Who haven’t tried a shine hair spray in the past? I am pretty sure, we all have at some point in our life. My experiences in the past with any shine, serum hair products were actually disaster. After when applied on the hair for extra shine, my hair felt instantly greasy. So I stayed with hair cream, the product that I know and would make my hair moisturised and texturised. Try; you might really like it – Invisible Day and Night Cream. If you are blowdry queen, you can try – Royal Blowout Oribe. Apply on wet hair and blowdry it out. It contains Maroccan argan oil for smoothness, silky and frizz-free finish. If you don’t mind a silicone which added into the product for that’ extra shine, you would really enjoy the ‘Royal Blowout’.

For those who prefer to apply shine spray at the end of the style, after blowdry, this new arrival you will love, love! A few weeks ago, sometimes in May, Dina and I had ‘Shine Moment’ in Covent Garden as you can see on the picture which I attached. We had ‘Good Shine Hair Day.’ 

A little sneak preview from the Creative Head magazine from the shoot with Neil Moodie using Light Shine. Let there be light and Let there be Light and Shine.

Light Shine Windle & Moodie

The Light Shine is so light like a feather, no heaviness or greasiness after the application, only shine remains. Whatever the style you are creating, this ‘Light Shine’ would be your ultimate hair product. So Shine and Go with Windle & Moodie Light Shine. Magic.

Windle & Moodie Shine Spray

While in Monte Carlo on Formula 1 race, back in May, Devon managed to create a mini boomerang video with Light Shine which loops back and forth in seconds ( as you might know the app well. It’s weird for my liking but sometimes works – like on this occasion )  check it out on juliak_beauty instagram. 

Stay tune, in summer, for the launch of Windle & Moodie addition – Light Shine.

All my hair shine love,

Julia xx