Louise Bridal Makeup in Berkshire

Weddings are in full swing. Events to attend, events to be part of!

From Prince William and Kate Middleton in April which seems so long time ago to Prince Albert with Princess Charlene last Saturday and fully wedded Kate Moss and Jamie Hince now too.
From Lucy and James in South Wales, Katie and Stuart in Hampshire  to Louise and William in Berkshire.

On Saturday, 2nd July, it was the day of another Bridal Make-up I was appointed to do. This time, I was traveling with Richard, the local hair dresser. Richard’s hairdressing salon is situated on Webb’s road parallel of Northcote road, Clapham called ‘The Drawing room’. It was not a first time working together. Our first adventure travelling and creating Bridal Make-up and Hair was last year in Wales at Fiona and Dan’s Wedding. This time, once again, our car journey became very relaxing and ten times more enjoyable hearing more’ of Richard’s Wedding stories… and with addition driving through beautiful Berkshire countryside, made it perfect Saturday sunny morning.
We were very close to our destination – Stanford Dingley. A sudden urge and sound from both of us: ”Ding ding ding, ding, ding, ding, dingley, dingley… and, duo singing was in the air…

Louise Wedding Day, Berkshire

When arrived at the house of North, you can see perfectly well-cut grass. Exquisite trees at the back of the house, a pond with a well-chosen flowers around, a marquee hidden between more trees with already set for the evening celebration… Everything had a place and it was well-thought with an attention to a detail.

Doing Louise Wedding Make-up trial few months ago, I remembered her healthy skin glow and, how natural Make-up should be on her Special day. Sometimes, on the Wedding day, not everything will go according to a plan but, at least if I do Bridal Makeup trial in advance and we both satisfied, that gives me and a bride a piece of mind and one thing can be ticked of the list. Both sisters – Charlie and Victoria were also naturally English-rose beautiful and all possessed with long lashes. My job was done! Well, not really… but, just imagine good skin and long lashes. Perfect!

What I used on Louise’s Wedding day apart from lash curlers from ‘shu uemera’ and ‘laura mercier’ waterproof mascara.
There were other 3 products which Louise’s Wedding look could not happened without. And, I can not dispute that I have not used these 3 products on Katie’s Wedding in Hampshire and on Lucy’s Wedding day in Wales. Can’t  help it. So far have not found anything that would replace these Makeup magics’. Instant brightness with illuminating effect on the eye and luminosity on the cheeks.
So these 3 must-have’s are:
– Hyaluronic eye primer from By Terry in n.1. ( or n.2. is also good colour )

– Chantecaille iridescent eye shade – rose quartz.
– Rose de Rose By Terry’ liquid sheer blusher was a highlight of the day! Sisters – the bridesmaids had n.1. in pink and Louise, the bride, n.2. coral rose. ( in Space NK )
And, with a little extra;
Using Eclat-de-Rose tinted moisturiser By Terry’ gently evened-out Louise’s skin tone. Skin was fresh, dewy, transparent as nothing was on the skin. Beautiful, as she was!
Nars Duo Eyeshadow
Mum, Lindsay went for a sophisticated darker blue dress with a pale beautiful-blue accessories including hat. ( Hat colour exactly as Carole Middleton outfit for her daughters – Kate’s Wedding. As Middletons invited to North’ Wedding, we hope this time she would have worn a different colour of the dress and let Mum Lindsay enjoy the blue tones for her daughters Louise’s Wedding. )
Back to my Make-up applications, so after creating a thicker lash line on Lindsay with a gel brown-black eyeliner from shu uemera’ , I blended a bit of colour to match Lindsay’s outfit. Nars Spring 2011 Duo eye shadow Bateau Ivre’matched so well on this occasion.
After finishing our Make-up and Hair creation, there was a quick glance on T.V. at Women’s Wimbledon final Kvitova – Sharapova. Kvitova was ahead of a game… great! With another glance on Louise and her dad Richard in horse-and-carriage ready for a church appearance. Next minute – – – Richard and I, I meant – Richard, the hair dresser… our job was done and were in the car heading back to London.
Louise North is Ready
It was the beginning of Happy day for family North!