Corporate Headshots Make up / Hair & Grooming

Whether you need to present yourself as entrepreneur, business professional, landing a corporate job or acting role, headshots need to communicate who you are and what you are about. In our virtual world, a great headshot is everything.
You might think a photographer is enough but never underestimate makeup artist job. Make up for your photo shoot is different what you wear on daily basis. Makeup artist knows what products to use and how to make you look your best on camera and to be comfortable as best as possible.

Corporate Headshots Make up / Hair & Grooming

When it comes to headshots makeup, there is a difference between natural makeup and light make up – which most actors including business professionals make mistake.
If you decide to do your make up yourself, make sure you look natural, – better version of yourself. Remember here, less is more. You want to enhance your true You.

Don’t change your look like on a magazine cover

Some professionals might enhance themselves to too glam or sexy, more than needs to be. If you  are fair skin colour, don’t try to add a lots of bronzer or change your natural hair curls. Rather define them gently than making them straight.

Look effortless and natural

Natural make up requires a while with many different beauty products to create natural make up and, a lots of make up professionals would agree with me. However, if you blessed with a flawless skin, or freckles you want to show, you might not need a foundation. Only a touch of concealer sometimes is enough. It all depends on a person.
When using eyeshadows, avoid strong shades like burgundies, purples on light eye colours which would accentuate more and will bring out your eye colour. Instead, choose peachy, ivory, browns and apricots – to match everyone natural tones.
I would also avoid bold eye liners, strong defined eye brows and lots of sculpturing on the face. Instead, soft blurred eyeshadow which gives soft-focus effect and gentle shading on the skin would be just enough to finish natural, enhanced look you after.

Avoid face powders? 

Well, that depends. Some make up artists would say yes – avoid face powders I say; that depends. Choose an invisible one – really good one and, you will be good to go in front of the camera. I agree that heavy powders can make you look over done and cakey’ looking. Choose powders with fine pigments or just blot with shine control paper all over the face to take shine away. It could be just enough.

Prep your skin few days in advance

You might have heard brides do a lots of prep before Wedding day. Skin prep is no different at all. Most brides make sure their skin is prep months in advance. For headshots, one or two weeks is good enough time to get skin-glowing-ready.

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