Pure’ Vegan Skincare


From Space NK to Waitrose skincare. And, why not? Sometimes, we need to feed our curiosity hunger with budget skincare too especially, when you hungry for vegan beauty.

For food shopping, I alternate between few locals supermarkets. Waitrose is one of them – for some fine foodies but rarely I would look at Skincare section.

Two weeks ago, in Waitrose, it was different. I was almost two weeks through my vegan lent challenge and, I felt it was inevitable to glanced at Skincare section. And, there it was. Pure skincare. Clean packaging and ‘can’t beat prices’ skincare so I had to have it. Over the years, working with Space NK high quality, high priced skincare and endless choice of incredible formulations of the best possible skincare brands in the market, you kind of get spoilt of choice. And, yes I admit, I always liked and, still do go for high priced skincare and try them for results. My experience over the years? Some do work and some don’t. And, yet, I tried skincare from Wholefoods in the past – The Green People and, worked so well for me at that time. Well, it was a time when I was exposed to strong sun on yoga retreat in Turkey. I am sure I will be reviewing from The Green People some beauties this spring and summer.

Going back to my blog post here, so Pure skincare is worth trying if, you after 1) budget skincare 2) fragrance free 3) cruelty free & vegan 4) don’t have skin sensitivity

Pure Vegan Skincare

By now, I have been using Pure skincare for over two weeks. My overall result – don’t expect much. It is not green or pure but good budget skincare.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels nice on the skin when you initially apply the product but, it also feels that whether you might use few drops or a half of the facial oil on your skin, it’s still not enough in terms of level of hydration. It is simply not rich enough, feels very ‘water’ diluted. Saying that; young girls, at around 18 years of age, when skin feels very plumped naturally and has a plenty of hydration, Pure skincare can be ideal as a good budget skincare. I agree with Caroline Hirons on that the facial oil – it could be a starter oil. Face wash is gel consistency and cleanse the skin pretty well. I added to my shower cleanser shelf. Day cream is soft and with shea butter and vitamin E leaves the skin a little moisturising without any greasy residue. You could probably get away without a primer before your foundation but if you have a good one, especially with high spf, use it, – especially for this weekend coming… – 23C in London?

Drop me a line if you need something for sensitivity, more anti aging but still organic and vegan. Or, check my previous post blog if you want to invest in something more natural, organic and effective.

If you like hand creams, Pure hand cream I quite like. Not bad at all. Bonus of small packaging and small price point and, is ‘good on the go’. Well, its not Aesop hand cream but you can have more than one, right? And, can you beat the price? All Pure Skincare products are between £1.99 – £5.00!

More posts are coming soon, more from cruelty-free, vegan beauty products so stay tuned.

Have an amazing weekend all!

All my beauty love,

Julia xx