Post ‘Yoga & Swim’ Skin Care

Lent period has begun exactly last Tuesday. So far, it has been 1 week without NO alcohol and NO red meat. How do I feel? So far so good. And I have also visited gym more for yoga sessions and swimming.

At the weekend, on Saturday, I decided to join a yoga class in the afternoon. It’s always a lovely surprise when not too over crowded in studio and, the class you enjoy especially when there is new teacher. It was excellent Vinyasa flow and will definitely join again. After, I have had a gentle swim and sat in steam room. Don’t you love a moment of dressing up afterwards? I do. Well, mainly seeing how good the skin looks and feels after sitting for a while in steam room. Of course, you have a choice of Sauna or Steam room. Think of Sauna is Arizona and the Steam room is Florida. I always wondered what are the benefits of Sauna and steam room. So you see; the Sauna is a dry heat which makes your pores release more sweat while steam room has more moisture in the air which can help plump up your skin. PLUM UP YOUR SKIN? Oh yes. And, l like the idea that we DON’T NEED much of makeup on the skin afterwards.

So, I have opened my ‘yoga & swimming bag’ and there they were. My five beauty/skincare bits including my favorite roll-on perfume.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

Every Tuesday morning, we receive at home delivery of fresh organic veggies and fruits from Riverfood. ( just arrived. ) Heaven. So last week, red fresh round beetroots were included. As decided to do lent period without no red meat, vegetarian dishes became quite popular including soups at home. Beetroot soup was in my mind for a while so it did not take a long and I was making a beetroot soup. Everything was going smoothly until the last bit. As I was picking up the sausepan cover, I got splashed all over my left wrist with the thick beetroot sause. Not a pleasant pain. The first thought gone through my head was; where is mine Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera Gelly I need! I found Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly amazing quality. It is  is 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel in one tube. Think of Aloe Vera’s inner leaf, the real aloe vera pure plant. Aloe Vera Gelly was my saviour. I could not recommend more this product. I have taken before picture and soon,… there will be after too.

For those who would take body moisturiser to the gym instead; why not try – BAKEL Efabody Intensive Treatment for Nourishment and Elasticity 200ml for £85 It gives injection of tone and elasticity for the skin. It is super butter rich cream that skin feels super hydrated and soft.

Graydon The Putty 50ml for $32

Love Graydon products. They smell delicious, they are soothing, well-chosen ingredients and so organic! This The Putty moisturiser is super soothing skin cream excellent for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Can be used on face and body but as its 50ml I would keep this soothing cream for face only. Many of us might suffer from irritation and redness on the skin in winter months so The Putty soothing cream which is a blend of healing essential oils is ideal for it. I don’t necessarily suffer from these skin conditions and still enjoy this lovely moisturiser on daily basis. Another of my choice this winter would be; Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser £42 for 60ml. 

Erborian Pink Perfect Creme 45ml for £36

I have talked about this Pink Magic Creme in my previous blog post and the PP cream became on of those skincare item which I take with me whenever I go. Definitely worth to invest a time to try.

Windle & Moodie Cream Sheen 60ml £15

This is an ideal styling and finishing product which has a mix of essential oils blended into cream. The best way to apply the sheen cream is on damp or dry hair starting from the ends of the hair and spread it throughout. A pea size size is only needed. For those who prefer hair moisturiser and weightless finish, try Invisible Day & Night Cream from Windle & Moodie range.

Diptyque Eau Moheli Roll-on 20ml for £32

In love with most of Diptyque scents. The Eau Mohelli is exotic and wild parfume. The notes in this fragrance includes ylang ylang flowers and leaves, patchouli, pink pepper, ginger and vetiver. It is floral, fresh with spicy notes found on Moheli island. Perfect scent for those upcoming warmer spring and summer days. You can also get 100ml for £65 in a bottle.

Most of the products you can get in Space NK and online promotion is running now. If spend £60 or over you get £15 off a purchase.

Hope you enjoyed the 5 beauty fav of post yoga & swim skincare and extras’ and I would love to hear your favorite 5!

All my skin-glowing love,