3 Post Bank Holiday Pick-me-Up’s – Smoothie, Tea and Hydrating Mask

Had something else planned to post today but, the weather changed my mind. These 3 Pick-me-Up’s are more appropriate.
How was your 1st day at work, after Bank Holiday? Slightly boring, Ok or cracking weekend with a proper hangover. Sounds good.
What a Bank holiday weekend we had, no?! Outstanding whether and feedbacks from festivals, parties, friends and beach holidays… seems everybody was having a ball. So whether you were at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Derry/Londonderry ( what a performance from ->Bruno Mars, Bastille, Disclosure, Vampire Weekend ), in Cornwall with your family or friends in Europe on the beach, it was the weekend to celebrate.

Well, I believe the Bank Holiday was a touch of heavy one for everyone…with lots of alcoholic substances as should be – ha and, lots of hangovers today ‘I think’ – at offices, studios and, I am sure on all other work places. So, I feel everyone could benefit with a bit of Pick-me-Up, Lift-me-Up’ from a breakfast energizing shake, detoxifying tea and hydrating mask. Agree? That’s three things I could think of straight on top of my head.
I am glad that mine hangover-moment’ was Saturday night, not Sunday and Bikram yoga helped just a little. 3 of those Pick-me-Up, I feel back to normal, back to balanced state-of-functional-mind.
By the way; The Hangover Part III is showing in cinema now…

3 Post Bank Holidays Pick me up’s – Smoothie, Tea and Hydrating Mask

1./ Breakfast Energizing

I picked beetroot as a basic ingredient. Contains potassium, protein, powerful antioxidants and soluble fibre. What to mixed with…? Broccoli, celery, ginger, kiwi, spinach, raw cabbage, even nuts… I still remember Green liquid from my friend Wojtek in Wales. Proper power breakfast Energizer! No food you crave for at least 3 hours…  Green or red colour? You choose; blend and experiment, its so much fun and it is so tasty.

 2./ Detoxifying Tea

While green tea is healthy for you as many of you might be aware, white tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant levels.
Here are some links about the benefits of White Tea and, here from more fabulous teas from WE ARE TEAS. Used to buy all-sort-of-Teas from the shop called TEA, Cheapside, opposite St Paul’s Cathedral but they have closed down. So excited to find the online shopping ‘WE ARE TEA’ web site… Try Immunitea, Puritea from We Are Teas or Pomegranate from Whittard of Chelsea.

3./ Serenity de Rose By Terry

This radiance booster, roses beauty formula restore your skin, gives you instant hydrating feeling with cooling effect and healthy glow. Apply on the cleansed skin, of course and, be generous with the amount. The best thing about the product, you can use it anytime you like…
Use at night, for whole night for better results. Recommend use 3-4 times per week. If your skin is very dehydrated, use every day preferably at night for at least two weeks. DO not Wash off this Rose delight. Just leave the product to sink into the skin. Delicious!
Can be used for mornings but remember is is a mask. If you feel the skin needs real boost, skin is tired or needs serious care, try the serum from By Terry – Seve de Rose’ am + pm – my ultimate favorite.

This is a short and sweet and I am sure there will be more about skin care, makeup, tasty food, healthy blends and anything ‘BEAUTY’

Enjoy those three Pick-me-Ups’ and have a healthy week!