Entrepreneur Bespoke Makeup for Christine’s Personal Branding Photography

Last week, I drove to Buckinghamshire for a photo shoot to create a Personality Makeup for Christine’s Personal Branding ‘WriterofThings’ and for other social media platforms.

Becky, Christine and I have not worked together before and sometimes we all had those thoughts a night before… How would it all go on the day? Most of the time, when creatives are hired, it can go three ways. Ok way, bad or exceptionally well. Exceptionally well as team gets it, understand one another, share the same vision, the crew simply get it. This time, it was n.3 – winner choice and we thoroughly enjoyed the day with creativity and laughter.

Becky, Christine and had a fun day during the day and the final images were great. Well, whatever we managed to see throughout. Here is the one image of Christine from our first location Duke Wine Bar in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. I am sure there will be more to see later when they all ready to be shown.

Christine in The Duke Wine Bar

In Terms of Makeup, I used variety of different makeup brands to create Christine’s look. The look, I was going for was clean, presentable and yet, I wanted something with an edge to complement Christine’s creative writing.

The skin was smooth, flawless a quite matte with a bit of highlight above the cheekbone. On the eyes, I used a cream eye colour, colour-fix cream eyeshadow in  metalic taupe and applied as wash-off colour so its for not-too-intense-look. For a definition, I chose an Eye Paint Ubangi which is black with blue shimmer and I used that as eyeliner on the top of the eye. To softened-up the line I smudged a deep indigo blue matte eye shade, which is the top row of the Colour Design Palette from By Terry. The eye look, I have finished off with a lots of coats of navy blue mascara to add a blue sophistication which worked well with Christine personality.

Skin Care and Make up choice I used on Christine:

Face & Prep

  • Nutrify & Protect Day Colber MD which is daily moisturiser but equally works well as foundation primer
  • Nourish Eye Cream Colbert MD
  • Tone Control Facial Discs Colbert MD
  • Face Food Mineral Mist Graydon
  • Terrybly Densiliss Foundation n.7 By Terry
  • Cellularose CC Lumi Serum 2 – Rose Elixir By Terry used as highlighter and mixed together with a foundation

Eye Makeup 

  • Hyaluronic Eye Primer By Terry
  • Ombre Mercure Ombre Blackstar n.15 By Terry
  • Colour Design Palette By Terry
  • Eye Paint Ubangi Nars
  • Terrybly Bleu Mascara By Terry

Lip Colours

  • Gloss Terrybly Shine – 10 Flamenco Desire By Terry
  • Baume de Rose By Terry
  • Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge – 3 Baby Bloom By Terry

Enjoy the Bucks blog post and I shall speak to you in the next one,