Nurturing Soul Herbal Facial Steam

Finally, I managed to open and steamed my skin with the gorgeous Herbal Facial Steam product which I got for Christmas. What was I thinking.? What took me so long to use it? I am a beauty junkie after all so, what was the wait? Anyone relates to this? Have you had a beauty product and not opened it straight away. Well, kind of opened it but just not used it. Welcome to the ‘not-used-product-straight-away’ club. It’s kind of understandable if you received many, right? Is it enough for a good excuse? Most probably not but, has happened.

Nurturing Soul Herbal Facial Steam

This Herbal Facial Steam smells so lovely. If you close your eyes and inhale the scent of beautiful calendula flowers, lavender flowers, camomile flowers and essential oils of lavender, automatically your mind will transfers you to ‘Spa Space’. It is 100% natural and vegan, ethically created without no parabens, free from sls’s ( sodium lauryl sulfate ) and no artificial fragrances. The Herbal Steam is a great way to nourish and hydrate your skin. Only 2 table spoons of the therapeutic herbs need to be added to a bowl of boiling water. Leave it for 10 mins to infuse it and inhale for a little while. ( Before inhaling, have your skin washed and cleaned ).Your skin will feel more moisturising, more nourished and it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. This Herbal Facial Steam is for Normal to Dry Skin. For Normal to Oily Skin Types, try Nurturing Soul Herbal Facial Steam which contains calendula flowers, comfrey, red sage and raspberry leaves.

Already seen what I fancy next from this lovely organic skincare range. As there are never enough good Clay Mask on the market. Organic French Green Clay Face Mask by Nurturing Soul would be one to try in near future. Well, I do have one which I absolutely love and got introduced to it a few years ago. Chantecaille ‘Detox’ Clay Mask with Rosemary & Honey £70. Absolute delight! Haven’t tried anything better yet but I hope the one from Nurturing Soul range will surprise me!

Have I mentioned the price here? All these three products are around £6 – £7. Bargain!

Enjoy all and till next time,

With all my beauty love,

Julia xx