Natural Skincare

Last week, we went on a week holiday to Norfolk. It was 10 of us in a beautiful barn – The Stables, Scoulton and we had a terrible weather. But, despite all the rainy weather, we did enjoy ourselves. Cooked and experimented with a lots of different cuisines mostly evenings and, during the days, we visited places. We went to Holkham Hall and Holkham beach, Blickling Estate, Norwich castle, Strangers Hall, Melsop Park Farm, and The Green Britain Centre.

At the Eco Building in The Green Britain Centre in Swaffham, within few minutes, very knowledgeable tour guide took us on the top of modern windmill where we were stunned by the spectacular panoramic view. It is the only windmill in the world open to public and, in order for us to get there, we had to climbed 305 steps up spiral staircase. On our return to the cafe, we had a good look and glimpse into the future – The Greenbird. It is the planet’s fastest wind powered vehicle. There is no engine, no fuel and no pollution. Isn’t that exciting? Maybe one day, one day we will experience the vehicle in near future. Yeah, I had to attach the pic with The Greenbird.

The Green Britain Centre

Going back to our today’s skincare blog-post, as it is very easy to get distracted when ‘talking-about’ green, eco-friendly thing’, as it is and it will effect us all; at The Green Britain Centre, I spotted Natural Skincare which instantly caught my attention. It is skincare brand – Faith in Nature which I haven’t come across, until now.

Faith in Nature – Coconut Hand Cream 50ml £6.39

Natural Skincare - Coconut Hand Delight

The Natural range with forty years of faith, started when no one really talked about green, natural skincare brands and after four decades, Faith in Nature is still here, still going strong and have perfectly reasonable price tag.

When I saw coconut ‘something rather’ on the packaging, my instant reaction was, need to test it and feel it. These days, anything coconut-y’ food or beauty products I would easily buy and its becoming coconut-loving’ household. ( coconut water, coconut sugar, coconut oil and, even hair treatment oil elixir with essential coconut oils ) Had to pick the hand cream from the shelf, see what the product was all about and without any hesitation, I squeezed a little bit on the back of my hand. The coconut hand cream has a such lovely soft texture, its really light, non-greasy and penetrated into the skin very easily. It has 100% natural fragrance, organic coconut oil, paraben free, hypoallergenic and vegan. Read other natural ingredients Faith in Nature use Love the simple small packaging, great for travelling, ideal for hand luggage, so this coconut-hand-delight is just perfect addition to your beauty hand bag.

Faith in Nature has number of beauty, household products from body care, baby care and pet care, so definitely worth look into.

Any experience with Faith in Nature, anyone?

Speak soon, all my coconut natural love,