Natural SkinCare – Dr. Jackson’s 03 + 05

Over the years, there has been massive rise in Natural and Organic Skincare in the market with a double digit growth every year for the past six years and, I believe there is high percentage of us all that we have tried natural, organic and eco-friendly range at some point throughout those years.

There are few natural brands which I like and are pride themselves in philosophy and echoes of the brand and use as 100% or the highest % of natural ingredients as possible and, Dr. Jackson’s is one of them.

Dr. Jackson’s skincare range –

–  it has been a recent discovery and it was an instant attraction. The light texture I was drawn to, fresh scent, the face gel after the application has instantly penetrated in and of course, Dr. Jackson’s travels and choice of natural ingredients. Dr. Jackson has been doing research in laboratories around the world and the skincare range has been created from 21 years of Pharmacognosy research. It required a lots of testing from indigenous plants and tradition medicine which have been sourced from a different parts of Europe to Africa, Amazon and Indonesia. He has been learning from tradition healers, uses techniques and mimics natural ingredients and extract the purest from the plants and highest concentration to be the most effective. And, the products became the most decadent treat for the skin.

Dr. Jackson’s skincare range is ideal for any season especially hot season and summer holidays, sun exposure, skin sensitivity whether you are going through hormonal changes, stress, or poor nutrition.

Here are ‘the two’ the most popular products from the Dr. Jackson’s skincare range:

03 Face Oil 50ml £55 and 05 Face and Eye Essence 50ml £60

Beautiful Natural SkinCare03 Face Oil 50ml £55

100% natural ingredients with natural blend of oleic acid and linoleic acid. Smells absolutely delicious, this 03 face oil will renew your skin into youthful again and reverse the effects of damage skin with replenishing nutrients. Contains Baobab and Marula oil which helps with skin tone, elasticity and Marula oil has ingredible moisturising qualities. Calendula will help with redness and Arnica acts as healer that repairs damaged tissue and normally would be used for bruising. It is not heavy-duty face oil so it is ideal on/after hot sunny days. I would use it pm. but can be used both – am. & pm.

05 Face and Eye Essence 50ml £60

A delight light gel formula is perfect for both eyes and face. This lovely fragrant essence is a full of natural extracts of Aloe, Rose water, Roman camomile, Kigelia and Baobab. Kegelia will revitalise and will tighten your skin. Baobab is rich in vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Aloe is soothing and it is instant rescue for the skin and Rose water gives you that hydration. Camomile has a calming properties and soothes irritation. Use anytime am. & pm. or anytime throughout the day, for an extra pick-me-up time.

Have I mentioned that 05 face & eye essence if fantastic before your foundation? Yes, it is. For combination skin, skip the primer completely. For more dehydrated, dry skin, use a touch of foundation primer after your daily moisturiser. Try from my ‘organic bag of discovery’ – Organic Shimmer/Primer afterwards – Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer.

Dr. Jackson’s products can be purchased in many different countries. In UK, you can find them in places like; Content Beauty & WellbeingJohn Bell and Croyden, Space NK.

Most skincare products which are with 100% natural ingredients would be fragrance free and have ‘natural scent’. Not everyone’s taste but worth it to try. ( Recently, one of my clients describe NUDE ProGenius Firming Youth Oil with has ingredients prickly ear and peacock’s tail algae extract as curry smell. It is unusual scent, I must admit for a face oil but, I like it and it feels so nourishing. Everyone is into something else. So try it for your own gusto.’ ) Dr. Jackson’s smells spa-like so you are safe.

For those who interested in a read about Aveda, Khiels and other ‘called’ eco-friendly brands but aren’t, read this blog post from ELUXE magazine – 7 More Brands you think are Eco-Friendly but aren’t.

In summer, I automatically reach for more clean, skincare brands and lighter in texture. Most probably because our skin feels better, we eat less heavy food and we drop that’ heavy thick moisturiser and want something light, fresh and natural. So stay tuned as I would like to share with you more natural, organic and eco-friendly skincare brands in the next a couple of months.

All my eco-friendly, natural love,

Julia xx