Miracle Food for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance


I am sure in recent years, you have read over and over again about a good food is – must! You are what you eat. Well, it is true and it is the thing – that ‘important thing’ …. of feeling healthy. Since I could remember, I have been intrigued how food affect us mentally and physically. Better food we absorb, better immune system will be with more radiance on the skin. Because what we eat affect our hormone levels, causes acne or inflammation on the skin which equals => aging skin. Do we want that? Nope. We only want Glowing Skin. Because when we glow, we look healthier and even makeup application is easier.

Our skin is the largest and fastest-growing organ in our body so when we feed it with a good nutrients, you will get amazing results. Skin is your body’s coat so do look after it.

I am not saying forget about your favorite cleanser or radiance booster – don’t – get more of it as it feels so therapeutic and do enjoy it as your daily ritual but, why not add your good nutrients which will increase your energy level and skin glow. There are many superfoods and antioxidants out there to choose from and today, I will share with you a few which will benefit your skin and will help with your skin-glow and, you can easily incorporate them into your breakfast or any of your favorite food of the day.

So let’s start with free radicals and how we can protect ourselves from. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules which age our skin from being exposed to sun, pollution and even stress. Vitamin C is powerful antioxidant that fights damages caused by free radicals and this powerful vitamin C also creates collagen which of course, gives your skin firmness and elasticity.

Sometimes when I see too many food choices, I can get overwhelmed so I decided 5 is a good number to start with. Once you get comfortable with these 5 ( 7 exact including Kale and Berries – which I talked about in January blog post ) we will start adding more to your cooking palette…

5 favorite and ‘easy-to-get’ foods,

foods which contain high dosage of vitamin C: Yellow Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Avocados, Kiwi and Watermelon.

Yellow Bell Peppers

Miracle Foods - for Healthy Glowing Skin and Radiance

Yellow Bell Peppers contain fiber, protein and iron. One yellow bell pepper has 341 mg of vitamin C and we only need about 90mg each day. Women need 14mg niacin each day and men 16mg and yellow pepper contains 1.65mg. Niacin is vitamin B which helps to keep the skin healthy and we need enough of niacin in a day to keep our nerves works in harmony and digestive system properly as it should. Enough niacin in the body helps turn the food we eat into energy. Also, according some researchers from women who ate yellow and green veggies noticed less-noticeable wrinkles. Uh, love that fact!


Miracle Foods - for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance

Baby tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, wine tomatoes, any’ as long as they are tomatoes eat them, add to your cooking because are packed with powerful antioxidants and tons of vitamin C. One cup of tomato juice has around 45 mg of vitamin C. Apart from skin-loving vitamin C, tomatoes has super amount of lycopene – carotenoid pigment which associates with deep red colour of tomatoes; to which is one of the free radical-fighting antioxidant and is also improves our skin’s natural SPF. What not to like, ha?


Miracle Food - for Healthy Glowing Skin and Radiance

You are so already healthy you are if, you like the taste of avocados. Pumped up vitamin C and E – perfect for your glowing skin diet. A full of healthy fats in avocados and avocado oil for ultra moisturised and hydrated skin which makes your skin feel healthier and look younger. Add to your salads, add few drops with your baking, just keep adding this healthy fat.


Miracle Food - for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance

Kiwi is to be called a super fruit. Rich in vitamin C, K E, B, potassium, copper and fibre. Just one of these green guys will give you 64 mg of vitamin C which is about five times the vitamin C of an orange in one serving and low in calories. It is also known for maintaining healthy skin and collagen, the skin support system. It is also been found in some studies that kiwi fruit consumption help with sleep quality and when you have a good night sleep, skin makes new collagen which prevents sagging. More sleep => more collagen => means skin is plumper and => less wrinkles. Oh yes, we like that, ladies. Don’t we?



MIracle Food for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance

This juicy fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Not only is so refreshing and enjoyable to eat this super fruit is full of amazing health benefits and also is known as body-healing fruit. Boost your health esteem and contains high level of vitamin A & C and good level of vitamin B6. The fruits is extremely hydrating with up to 92% water content and low in fat. Whooha. Can’t wait to eat this super juicy red fruit. Watermelon will be mine n.1. summer fruit so should be yours too!

Additional Superfoods worth invest to:

KiKi Health Camu Camu Powder

Miracle Foods - for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance

Earthy, nutty flavour from a berry plant of Amazon rainforest. Very much enjoyed the 1st bottle and ordered another one. A half spoon into your morning smoothie with help of Nutribullet, you will instantly be hooked. Highest known source of vitamin C and powerful anti-inflammatory, boosts your immune system and support healthy collagen. It contains about 56 times more vitamin C than a lemon and 60 times more than orange. It usually comes in powder form so its easy to add to any of favorite dishes. Try it, camu camu might be just the one you need!

Bare Biology Lion Heart Purest Omega 3 Fish Oil

Miracel Food for Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance

Are you looking for the best Omega 3 Fish Oil on the market right now? Well, you have just found it. Bare Biology Lion Heart Fish Oil its has the highest EPA and DHA with no heavy metals or nasty contaminants. Skin will boost from within and it is an excellent and beneficial addition to your beauty regime. It is the ultimate ‘Skin-Plumper.’ A couple of  choices here – liquid or capsules form whatever you prefer. 120 high strength capsules for £28.50 or 150ml going for £47.50.

Here are highly recommended websites for you to order from. Fresh fruits and veggies from Riverford OrganicOne Organic in London and Abel and Cole. And, supplements choice from KIKI HealthBare Biology and unique formula Food-Grown Supplements from Wild Nutrition .

Hope you enjoy this ‘food-focused-skin-to-glow’ blog post and speak to you all soon,

All my healthy radiant and skin-glow love,