Make Your Own Beautiful – with Cover/FX Custom Infusion Drops

Anti-aging, anti-aging and anti-aging. I believe the word is not that bad but, it all depends how we look at it, right? Anti-aging means; prevent anti-aging process and because we age as soon as we are born ( somebody said once ) we can prevent it from an early age. I am not saying, we should give anti-aging skincare to our young children but we can gentle adding anti-aging face oil or anti-aging cream around the age 25. Don’t forget to apply at least spf 25 on your skin daily ( I talked about some SPF’s products in January High-Altitude Skincare blog here ) and avoid to be exposed too much to the sun especially your face. Everyone is different and everyone has a very different lifestyle which I believe has an incredible impact on our skin and how it age. For instance; if you are smoker and regular party goer, frequently exposing yourself to sun, you most probably ( esp. in winter months ) want to top-up with some of anti-aging face oils and anti-aging creams even earlier than 25 year old age.

I have this rule here; kind-of rule. In winter, I automatically reach for Facial Oils and, in summer, I reach for Face Serums, slightly lighter textures. I am aware of their benefits for the skin and enjoy using them before night cream. Overnight your skin is working very hard repairing itself but, I do apply facial oils some mornings too. It all depends on how much spare time I have.

I have talked about 5 Favorite Facial Precious Oils before  last year and, I am sure you will read about them again because I love the smell of facial oils, they do improve your overall skin texture, tone and most of them have a firming effect. Awesome.

Recently, I have been introduced to Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops + A Jasmine Anti Aging Oil. You most probably heard about the brand and their Custom Cover Drops – concentrated pigments that allow you to mix with any skincare – either serum, moisturiser or face oil to create the coverage you want and make it suitable to your daily beauty regime. As makeup artist who likes mixing products, that idea of mixing skincare too, I am in absolute heaven.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops + A Jasmine Anti-Aging Oil £40
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The Cover / FX has four different Custom Infusion Drops – Facial Oils.

  • A + Jasmine: Anti-Aging
  • C + Lemongrass: Radiance
  • F + Neroli: Hydrating
  • E + Chamomile: Calming

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops 

Anti-aging A + Jasmin: is an active formula with concentrated vitamins-high potency’ that you can use on its own to hydrate and treat the the skin. It can also, be mixed with any liquid to customised your daily beauty regime. Choose any of your skincare product you prefer whether it is your tinted moisturiser, foundation or any CC or BB cream you enjoy wearing it and add 3-4 drops of A + Jasmin facial oil. It contains vitamin A for a support of cell turnover and jasmin oil helps to boosts your skin hydration.

On this occasion, I am going to mix Custom Infusion Drops – A + Jasmin Anti-aging facial oil with Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 for £48.  It was unexpected that I found this small sample at home in my ‘special makeup draw.’ Love those tiny samples especially for longer holidays or weekends away and usually would lasts for at least a couple of months. The Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 is slightly on heavier side of tinted moisturisers. So perfect for diluting a bit with a facial oil. However, no matter of the consistency, keeps your skin fresh, dewy and the final result of the application will leave your skin with healthy radiance and silky smooth finish. Vitamin C and E will protect and nourish your skin and Sand Lily extract helps with brightening of the skin and also helps to treat dark spots.

Use Anti-Aging A + Jasmin facial oil first, moisturiser after, primer and then foundation. Or, skip two products and mix only facial oil with tinted moisturiser for a quick and effective finish. Be aware; it might not work this mix with all skin types especially if you have combination/oily skin.

Hope you enjoy this ‘mixing products blog post’ and I will speak to you all very soon. Anyone enjoys mixing any products?

All my customised beauty love,