Lashes in many Colours


Hello Long Lash enthusiasts,

Lashes, lashes, lashes… how many lashes do we like? How long do we want them to be? A lot, a great length is the answer; for majority of us. When do we need them? Most of the time.
I am sure Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole would agree on the ‘most of the time’

My mornings wake-me-up, pick-me-up starts with ‘Coffee and Mascara’ and, my rock-n-roll day can begin.
Today, I wanted to share with you mostly about new mascaras are out there.
When I met another yogis, Sophie at the last night bikram practice, I saw her eyelash extension. Amazing lashes which as we know not mascara needed but maintenance is approximately every 5-6weeks.
For the rest-of us, let’s enjoy Mascaras and Enhance every Dimension of lashes for Unforgettable Look. From the latest Chanel arrivals.

Chanel La Volume’ – Bleu, Noir or in Prune colour – £24

This mascara instantly plumps the lashes and gives full va-va-voom volume. Not waterproof but a smudge proof. A ‘snowflakes’ brush as chanel-ist’ call it, gives an incredible eye-opening effect and few colours to choose from.

More from other Lash Colour Palette is YSL.

YSL – Luxurious Mascara for a False Lash Effect

Colourful Palette to choose from… extreme blue, burgundy, rich brown, plum, deep night and fascinating violet.

The picture I have used here is from a photo shoot in Kew studio, London which I created with Henika, the good friend and the photographer. I have used a false corner false lashes from Shu Uemera and lifted up to create the volume of the lashes with the Chanel La Volume mascara.

What mascara is your favorite one?

Till next time, all my lash love…

Julia K.