La Boule D’Amber – Amber Ball


Visiting John Bell & Croyden recently, I was pleasantly surprised how it all looks inside – after refurbishment which took place about a year ago. Not that I remember what was like before but it certainly looks amazing now. Shiny floors are unmissable!

If you are not familiar with the store – John Bell & Croyden – is the Pharmacy with high standard providing bespoke and holistic health solutions, VIP rooms, highly qualified practioners and extended beauty section area. The business has been going for over 200 years and gained experience and global reputation of delivering excellence in products and service which are now hold the Royal Warrant. The store can be found between Wigmore street and Wellbeck  street close to Harley street in London.

There are two entrances, I have choose the one from the corner – straight to the beauty hall. I am not sure about you but when it comes to perfumes I get a bit sensitive about them all. Meaning; I don’t like to pay a visit to Selfridges, Harrods or any other department stores when I am in search for new fragrance. I can’t actually smell anything there. Can you? It’s too overwhelming and all scents are blended into one. How can you choose the one is suppose to enhance you if, all scents overpowering you?

As I walked into beauty hall, I immediately liked a spacious feel to the place. There wasn’t that over crowded feel and, at that moment I could not resist to try few squirts of perfume of Sloane Rose by Atelier Flou ( I think it will be mine this year favorite ) and Serge Lutens. It was a perfect fragrance moment. While I was enjoying the scents of fragrances, I turned left and, there it was – the big ball. The finely crafted wooden ball. I walked towards it and strated examined it and lifted up and inhaled deeply. What a pleasant warm scent, I thought to myself. It was warm, musky and earthy like. It was Amber Ball!

La Boule D’Ambre – Amber Ball £280

Handcrafted by mother and daughter artisans, this unique Amber Ball contains solid perfume exhaling all the rich warm amber scent. The aroma is enhanced by the heat in the room and will radiate for a long period of time. The scent will apparently stay strong for over two years and can be recharge with amber crystals.

I am pretty sure it will make an unique piece in your decor and can create magic of the orient.

Have I bought it, you might ask? No. No yet but, on my wish list. Would surely fit really well around our myakka wooden artisan furniture pieces.

Christmas is round the corner and I have more of those special items to share with you so stay tuned…

Hope you enjoy my X’Mas pick and speak again,

Julia xx