Katie Bridal Makeup at The Bix Manor Oxfordshire

The Bix Manor near by Henley-on-Thames – it is a dream Wedding location.

Manor House with Great Tithe Barn and, the sixth acre garden in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire.

Relaxed style with an exquisite attention to detail and wonderful sense of occasion. So Katie’s Style and, Katie herself fitted so well at The Bix Manor.
I love exquisite location and I can talk about them on and on but I am going to fill you with more relevant from me, my world of Beauty, ‘How-to-Look-Radiant-on-your-Wedding-Day’ information which YOU ‘beauty enthusiasts’ and ‘makeup junkies’ might enjoy a little bit more.

First time, I met Katie was about three years ago and I have already done few make up looks for few of hers special occasions. This time it was different. It was finally Katie’s Wedding day and, I got really excited for her too. So much to think about and so much to think about ‘How to Look The Best on the W’ day. We ll want Radiant with healthy Skin Glow.

Katie’s Wedding Makeup trial we managed to do at the beginning of September so both of us were relaxed and just waited for the Big Day. Just about the right time to do a trial. Here is the picture from the trial. Love Katie’s flawless skin!

Katie’s Bridal Make up Trial and Healthy Skin Glow

Katie Ellerker Bridal Makeup

In the morning of the Wedding, I picked up Ian and Laura – two hairdressers from Clapham South. The journey passed really quickly and before we knew it we were at the destination. The picturesque view of the place – The Bix Manor. A bronze statue of two frogs, a blue sky, crisps sunny November morning and Katie’s smile; it was a lovely welcome on arrival. We had a quick coffee and quick breakfast and, within few minutes we move on the first floor unpacking our Make up and Hair kits.

The Bix Manor
Bix Manor Outside SurroundingsI started on Katie’s beautiful face to do a quick skincare prep. On a damped cotton pads, added a cleansing lotion from Trish McEvoy and cleansed thoroughly. Whole face is been refreshed by hydrating mist from Shu Uemera which gave extra hydration for the skin before makeup. Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster cream is an easy application with has built Face Primer and works wonders. Could be also used as night cream or hydrating mask anytime at home or on Long-Haul flights.

Katie had a few Makeup products which we both like. Future Skin gel foundation Chantecaille which feels light and almost’ transparent but still gives you enough coverage. For Katie’s healthy radiant skin the future skin foundation was just enough. I have followed with a touch of Touch Expert Advanced Concealer where needed. Then, Hyaluronic Hydra Powder By Terry which is ultra fine loose powder and can be worn over the makeup or even on a daily moisturiser alone. Rose de Rose sheer liquid blush in Pink n.1. The sheer blush adds a glow on cheeks, enhances the features, gives a lift and a natural radiance to the skin. It is not a new products on the market but can you find better one for your cheeks?

On the eyes, I have used Gel painted, waterproof eyeliner Shu Uemera in M night blue to create precise liner. Individual false lashes from Shu Uemera added extra va-va-voom and fulness to Katie’s big eyes which was only addition to her longest lashes I have ever seen. At the end, I sprayed again the face with hydrating mist to set the Makeup.
Those few were my Make-up highlights items’ to achieve the Special Bridal Makeup which Katie & I had in mind.

I remember exuberant energy throughout the creating process of make up and hair and usually we would listen to music but this time, we tried to sing along with Martin, who is a good friend of Katie, whose voice so incredible and sounded as a professional singer. I am sure Katie enjoyed it as much as we did. It was entertaining and absolutely brilliant.

Katie, congratulations again!

All the best,

All my Bridal Make up love,

Julia xx