Katie Bridal Makeup Pyrenees France

It has been a month or so since Katie got married. Summer Wedding in the Summer family house in a small french village of the Pyrenees – In Mount-de-Marrast. It was the most exquisite location and a perfect month to get married – the 16th June 2012.

Walking through the front garden, food preparation was in a full swing, french waiters bouncing up and down and around, to make everything perfect with every detail in place for The Evening Reception. From table preparations and flower arrangements, name tags and timings, even family frogs in the pond were rehearsing… And, all was checked with Katie, who all well organized.

Katie and Her Wedding Dress

Katie and Her Wedding Dress

I was to going to create Makeup for Katie, two sisters and mum as Natural as possible. ( All was happening on the first floor in Katie’s sunlight room with a stunning view onto the garden. ) As dad said: ” I don’t want to see any Makeup on!” We went for the most minimal Makeup possible. A
I cleansed Tatiana’s skin with a moisturising cream cleanser from Trish McEvoy and removed the excess of moisturising cream with a damp cotton pad.

On Friday afternoon, off I was on my way to Toulouse. As soon as we landed at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, the sun was shinning… The journey was not too bad once I was on a right direction to my destination. I had fantastic view on the mountains and after about 2-hour driving, I finally reached my destination – Harmonie. A small family home, restored farmhouse and barn run by lovely couple Mandy and Jonathan. Idyllic location and the place with a full of warmth. A few glasses or red wine with Jonathan and Mandy on Friday evening. Why not? It was a simply perfect timing after a long drive on french roads.

Following day the wake up call was for 7am. A tasty breakfast outside on the veranda with a view on the mountains and after a half hour, off we go to another house for makeup and hair preparation. A quick makeup for a future-mother-in-law and next destination was Katie’s parents home. Exquisite.

Katie’s Bridal Makeup we have already pre-selected back in London 3 months in advance. We did go very natural with her look, to enhance her natural beauty and give it a skin a bit of glow. I was going for ‘ Make up no Make up Look’.

Katie Bridal Make up – Make up no Make up Look

Katie is Ready For The Aisle

Katie’s Bridal Makeup Choice

  • Eclat de Rose Tinted moisturiser By Terry
  • Rose Quartz Lasting Eye Shade Chantecaille
  • Deluxe Eyeshadow Soft Peach Trish McEvoy
  • Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Navy Blue Shu Uemera
  • Invisible Loose Setting Powder Laura Mercier

I still remember Katie’s look when we finished her Makeup. You know the look I am talking about… when you go… Perfect! You know when is just simply Perfect and a Bride is smiling and, she feels comfortable because that’s all matters.

That is my Aim! Makeup has to fit so well like a well fitted Wedding Dress. Skin should be glowing, must brighten Bride’s complexion, enough blusher but not-to-much, just a splash of colour. Fill the gaps and create perfect eyebrow shape. To enhance eyes by using right eyeliner and mascara. Make those eyes open and big… – to achieve that’ Twinkle-in-the-Eye…

Photography of the day and more from James Davidson here…

And, Katie is Ready For The Aisle… Have a Wonderful Day and many Congratulations again…

It is always lovely to receive a thank you note after the Wedding. Here it is from Jackie, the mum :

“Julia, thank you so very much for coming out to France for us. You were a star and we so enjoyed all the ‘getting ready’ time. You made us all feel a million dollars and yet my husband did not realise I had been made-up perfect.”

Till the next Bridal Make up, speak to you all very soon,

All my Bridal Make up love,

Julia xx