Holiday Beauty Treats 2016

Spring is already here and with new season, some changes would be beneficial. So why not start with new skincare regime, my new makeup bits and new wardrobe. All exciting things to think about…, including few travel adventures, I have in my mind too.

Recently, I have booked a holiday and, with that thoughts;  what will be in my travel beauty bag? Kind of naturally happens every time whether there is a short or long trip planned. More restricted of course, if only hand luggage you decide to take but on this 10-day adventure trip to Crete, check-in luggage is definitely in place. A bit of mountains for the first half and a bit of beach for the second.  So it looks like I will be taking a little bit more of ‘beauty essentials’ .

Closer to time, I am sure I will choose few extras but for now I have chose those few. Here are something for the skin and ‘something hair’. Makeup choice will be closer to a departure time. Here are my 5 beauty brand picks. Nude, Institute Esthederm, Colbert MD and Windle & Moodie. ( Stay tune for holiday makeup picks )

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This latest launch from NUDE, will re-awaken your skin firmness and texture. Will put you in a good mood just by inhaling very pleasant fruits scent. Contains five omegas – 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9, prickly pear, passion fruit, acai and peacock’s tail algae. The progenius oil has a velvety oil formula which is designed to firm and plump the skin and works wonders on wrinkles and lines – those ‘smiling lines’. This face oil would be ideal to use at the end of the day when you feel the skin needs extra suppleness and after sun exposure, when skin is more sensitive. Use daily mainly evenings before night cream. For more combination skin, skip the night cream completely and enjoy this progenius firming youth oil on its own. For those who prefer more light texture, try Chantecaille Vital Essence 50ml £84.  Might repeat myself as I have mentioned this product before in my previous post blog but its one of the best and safest gel face serum I have ever used. Whether your skin needs a lot of hydration and sensitive skin, this serum is recommended for all. Great all over your face and eyes day and evening.

Light textured moisturiser that protects the skin against environmental exposure. Patented Qusome technology which delivers all active ingredients and antioxidants deep down to your dermis and initiate the growth of healthy new skin. It has an ability to penetrate into your skin really quickly and excellent base product before your foundation. ( yes of course, you can wear foundation primer after or any spf skincare product after  ) Tremella Mushrooms known as Snow Mushroom which stimulate naturally hyaluronic acid, provides hydration in the skin throughout and plays a strong role in collagen synthesis. Whether you are off to somewhere really hot or really cold destination, the snow mushroom will balance your hydration and protects.

It is a magic face sun cream in the tube, the high performance protection cream. Your best sun protector. No burns, no pigmentation and your pigmentation will disperse evenly while on the sun. There is no SPF but rather works with your melanin. Apply  3-4 days before your holidays and continue every a couple of hour while on holidays. By applying the cream on onto your face, the melanin would be stimulated and go on the surface so once you hit a beach, your skin is ready for sun exposure and does not burn but opposite, you will tan beautifully. More you apply, more golden tan you will get. Completely evens-out pigmentation and prepare you skin for perfect tan.

This shampoo is so fresh and uplifting and promotes healthy head and hair. Read more here…

Love this new discovery! Foundation spray is your moisturiser and detangler. It is also like your ‘primer before foundation’ in ‘makeup world’. Use the foundation spray always before any styling product to enhance style for longer and better hold. Or, just spray it all over your wet hair after washing, for detangling effect. The hair is easy to brush and are soft as ever. Why not try this Trio Hair Products for your next trip from Windle & Moodie. Healthy head and treatment shampoo, foundation spray and finish off with Invisible day & night cream for extra moisture and texture. For those with long, thick over bleached hair, use conditoner as well.

This magic cream is as light as feather. Never gives your hair greasy effect but exactly opposite. Read about it more here…

Hope you enjoy the choice and please share what you like to use, what you have prepared for your upcoming holidays or, maybe you need a help to choose few ‘beauty-bits’ for your ‘own personal holiday travel beauty bag’. Why not get in touch.

All my holiday beauty love,

Julia xx