Healthy Head and Hair Treatment Shampoo


‘There is Something About the Coffee’. Don’t you think? Some might prefer teas and I love teas too but there is definitely  ‘Good Coffee Moment’ in a day. At least a couple of times.

The smell of it, the rich and creamy stimulating beverage.

I love a bit of history so let’s share with you. The History of Coffee goes back as far as the thirteen century. It is thought that a coffee tree originated in the province of Kaffa, in the area today known as Ethiopia but they are not real evidence when or how it all been discovered. The earliest credible evidence of drinking coffee was appears in the middle of fifteen century in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen. And, by the sixteen century, coffee was being grown in places like Persia, Egypt, Syria a Turkey. The popularity grew amongst Muslims as the alcohol was forbidden by Koran and coffee was a perfect acceptable substitute.

The first Coffee Houses was opened in Mecca where coffee drinking was initially encouraged. With thousands of pilgrims visiting the holy city of Mecca each year, a Coffee-drinking culture quickly spread throughout Arab world and to Dutch colonies where Amsterdam became its trading centre for Europe.
Venetian traders first brought a coffee in 1615 and it was called ‘the bitter invention of Satan’. Pope Clement VIII had to make a decision of its approval but he decided to try it first. He liked it so much that he gave his Papal approval.
30 years later coffee house were opened ‘cafe’ in Venice. Coffee houses became very popular for social and business meetings and soon spread to other European countries as we can see very much now.

In Britain, the first coffee was opened in Oxford in 1651 and with the first London Coffee House on St. Michael’s Alley in 1652. In 1700 the were 3,000 coffee shops in London and by now, there are probably around 15,000 coffee shops across the country.

Is coffee an addiction? Maybe. But, is is a good one, one with a full of antioxidants and other healthy compounds.

Coffee is Good for You!
Coffee can help you burn fat and improves physical performance. Coffee may drastically lower your risk of Type II diabetes. Coffee may be extremely good for your liver. Coffee may decrease your risk of dying. Coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Coffee can make you smarter.
If anything; coffee may literally be the healthiest beverage on the planet. I can only add to that; drink in moderation and without milk.

So why Am I talking about the coffee so much? Because, Windle & Moodie Healthy Head Treatment Shampoo contains green coffee and my boyfriend and I absolutely love the shampoo.

Windle & Moodie Healthy ( And Hair ) Treatment Shampoo £19.50 

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This Shampoo is all about promoting healthy scalp and soothing effect. Green coffee will help with micro-circulation, increase the blood flow and helps to deliver better nutrition and would also repair hair follicles. The results? Stronger individual hair strands. Eucalyptus scented gives you an instant feeling of uplifting. Other ingredients are: Tea Tree, Sage oils and Yerba Matte Tea. Great for anyone who wants maintain healthy hair and scalp, helps with dandruff, itchy scalp and ideal for the most sensitive once. Does not contain any sulphates, silicones, no propylene glycol or parabens. Once or just twice per week is enough. Also great in combining with your current shampoo. For those who have over processed, coloured hair, I would recommend nourishing shampoo with argan oil for nourishment two-three times per week and Healthy head treatment shampoo only once  a week for clarifying effect.

There is also, Fortifying Shampoo. It’s fantastic for those who needs fortify, strengthen the hair. Rooibos tea is well-know for a stimulation of hair growth and natural derived sugar beet extract will beautifully moisturise your hair.

All Windle & Moodie Shampoos are unisex, in twenty Space NK ‘so far’ and all Space NK online plus, of course on Windle & Moodie website.

Read the latest on Windle & Moodie product line in Creative Head Magazine here.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and speak to you soon,

All my strong, sexy hair love and,… coffee love,

Julia xx