Healthy Hair with Shine and Moisture for Autumn 2017


As you might already be familiar with the range, Windle and Moodie hair care products were developed with a great attention to a detail and with obsession for the best ingredients possible. Paul and Neil, acclaimed hairdressers with experience over 30 years in the industry – the experts behind the range. The hair care range has been launched in August 2014 in Covent garden WAM salon and since, the range has been growing nationally and globally. With launches in Space NK UK, LA and San Francisco hair salon, it’s the products to look-closely into.

The range combines innovative tea-infused hair treatments. They are all eco-friendly and environment friendly, sulphates free, parabens and propylene glycol and chemical free. The antioxidants which are added to each shampoo are food-grade teas, are well sourced from organic plantations with ecological clean. The teas are from different regions – white tea is from China, rooibos tea from South Africa, green tea from Kenya and yerba matte tea from Chile. The antioxidant teas are so powerful that naturally protect scalp and hair; promote shine and leaving hair naturally youthful and radiant.

The latest arrival – great-duo addition to the range are Ultra Nourishing Shampoo and Ultra Nourishing Conditioner.

Healthy Hair with Shine and Moisture for Autumn 2017

Windle and Moodie Ultra Nourishing Shampoo

Contains white tea which is rated as the highest level of active antioxidants. With added Manoi oil, Baobab and Babassu oil will help with nourishing the hair, gives amazing shine and life to the strands and, antioxidant white tea strengthen your scalp and protect against free radicals as much as skincare would do. The shampoo has a protective colour complex – blue lupin peptide which acts as a colour protectant. Your hair will naturally shine longer. Ultra nourishing shampoo is suitable for those ladies and men who have thirsty hair, colour hair on regular basis, over processed, damaged hair. There is also natural scent of rose, amber, incense, patchouli added which makes the shampoo more luxurious and the hair smells absolutely gorgeous. You’ll have your good hair day everyday!

Windle and Moodie Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

So moisturising, so rich, this Ultra Nourishing Conditioner is absolute dream to use. For us – ladies and gents who don’t remember natural hair colour anymore because our hair has been coloured so much and therefore, we need a really nourishing conditioner. I think you know who I am referring to. Nothing wrong with different hair colour or a bit of enhancement of a shade or new hair hue. We just like experimenting. So here I present to you, a super nourishing conditioner which smells of heaven. So luxurious, so intense. You hair will be shiny and healthy again! If you have a good hair mask you love, that’s ok, use it but just once a week. Don’t overdo it. It is really enough and get yourself Good Conditioner!

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