Windle & Moodie – Invisible Genius Day & Night Cream

Not too long ago, I have been introduce to Windle & Moodie hair products. If you are wondering where windle and moodie names came from; they are two acclaimed hairdressers Paul Windle and Neil Moodie who have worked in the industry over 25 years. There is a Windle & Moodie salon if, you are asking and, has been there for over two decades, situated in the upbeat Covent Garden London area. It is very friendly, calm energy, down-to-earth’ ‘kind-of-feel’ hair-salon with experienced hairdressers that offering advanced and innovative hair styling. Neil Moodie is still very much involved as hair session stylist on photo shoots, campaigns and celebrity work around the world and, shares his experiences and hair tips with all the WAM hair dressers back in the salon.

Windle & Moodie were 4 years in making with association of skincare experts creating hair products for healthy scalp, very-much earth friendly and functional. Think of; high quality skin care products how much benefits would that have on your skin. Meaning the Windle & Moodie hair products would do exactly that. Plus, NO parabens, NO sulphates and NO silicones especially in hair shampoos.

How many hair products especially styling once have you tried and, after about a minute or so, your hair felt grease, flat and simply without texture or moisture. So many? So have I. Until I got introduced to the…

Windle and Moodie Invisible Day and Night Cream

Windle & Moodie ‘Invisible Day and Night Cream’ on the application – I was like – WOW! The cream injects your hair with an instant moisture from manoi oil ( from South Pacific ) and sugar beet extract. You get a texture in the hair and you can’t feel it. Its simply invisible, weightless. You can use this product and I would recommend it even if, you think you have thin hair that you can’t possibly using it because would make your hair flat. Be open mind and just try it. You might be surprise how it will feel. ( For those with afro hair or frizzy coarse hair type, I would rather recommend to try, Windle & Moodie Shine & Smoothing Oil 

Invisible Day & Night Cream has also UV protector which many of you will be pleased, hopefully. As I was. Not because we get ( over here in UK ) a lots of sunshine but, because we travel more… Anyone off to ski holidays or, beach? Your UV hair protector you have found. ( Hair protector. Tick. Only need Face and Lip protector ).

‘Good Hair Day’ is now every day since I started using Winde & Moodie hair products. And, if you are in need for a new innovate hairdresser, I would highly recommend to check Windle & Moodie Covent Garden Salon and book yourself in for a hair appointment.

Enjoy the blog and, Have a Good Hair Day!

Lots of styling creative love,