Get your Body Beautiful with 2 Ayurvedic Body Duo

Spring is upon us and, summer at times. A few weeks ago, a lots of sunshine and soaring temperature for up to 24C in London. So far, it was the weekend to remember and, there are other weekends which we will remember because when weather is as unpredictable as in UK, you do plan your weekends no matter what BBC weather app says. A week before last when we were sailing, it was definitely a couple of days to remember. And, more of those exhilarating moments to come… Two full sailing days – we have now officially completed Level 1. Level 2 something to look forward to still this Summer. Well, not capsizing moment – which is compulsory in both courses but, overall – thumbs up!

By Sunday evening, I had bruises all over my left leg. Arnica soothed instantly but, my new body exfoliator and body lotion from UrbaVeda helped even more. Not because helped with bruises but there was something about the scent. Pungent as marigolds can be, turmeric spicy and coriander as refreshing. It reminded me some sweet memories from the past without being sweet at all.

UrbanVeda Body Products for ss’17

UrbanVeda is natural skincare based on principles of Ayurveda. You most probably heard Ayurveda’ word before. Ayurveda embraces medical science, alchemy, philosophy, spiritual understanding and is based on the belief that wellness and well being depends on balance between the mind, body and spirit.

The term of ayurveda derives from sanskrit ‘ayur’ which means – life and, ‘veda’ which means – wisdom. UrbanVeda has been created in synergy with Ayurvedic principles to target the primary skincare needs of the three doshas. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is more for dry skin – so needs more ‘Radiance’ so the choice of Radiance body scrub and Radiance body lotion was a perfect choice for me. If you have more sensitive skin, prone to rosacea you will need more ‘Soothing’ collection you will need a choice under Pitta. For more blocked pores skin, congested with excessive oil, ‘Purifying’ range would be ideal. Yes you are right – Kapha is your dosha. If you would like to go through questionnaire yourself and make sure we guessed it right – click here and complete questionnaire on urbanveda site.

Ayurvedic Body Products for Body Beautiful

Urban Veda Radiance Body Scrub & UrbanVeda Radiance Body Lotion

Get your Body Beautiful with these two Ayurvedic products

Urban Veda Ayurvedic Radiance Body Scrub

Winning The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016, the UrbanVeda exfoliating body scrub gives you an instant energising boost leaving your body beautifully radiant. Turmeric is a perfect ingredient to improve your skin tone, goji berry is a full of antioxidant and liquorice has anti-inflammatory property, skin lighting properties and treats melasma. Melasma is patchy brown discoloration of the skin which usually appears during and after pregnancy. So  This Radiance body scrub improves your circulation, has spicy and yet pleasant, invigorating scent and leaves fresh looking skin. Anyone who needs moisture, radiance and improves your texture and colour of the skin of your body, this body product is ideal. Treat yourself, try it out before Summer 2017 begins! Check the UrbaVeda site now, there is a sale going on – you might just be in time.

Urban Veda Ayurvedic Skincare Radiance Body Lotion

The same ingredients as Radiance body scrub with full of turmeric, goji berry, liquorice and added extra of sweet almond and vitamin E, the UrbanVeda Radiance body lotion leaves your skin so soft and hydrated. Love the smell and sometimes no perfume needed. Perfect Beauty Body Duo for ss’17! Click here for better price.

Get you Body Beautiful this Summer from UrbanVeda choice!

Lots of beauty love,

Julia xx