Feel Good Fragrance


Scent is a powerful thing whether we recognize it or not, we have ability to analyse thousands of smells through our olfactory receptors. Over the years, research has shown that smells can have profound effect on mood. The effect is mainly positive on majority of people and, a right scent can definitely lift your spirit. How is your searching for new Spring fragrance?

There are many perfumes I have tried and I seem to keep changing depends on season. Lighter mainly in summer and in winter much sweeter, heavier even smokier. I seem to be enjoying changes whether that is clothing and with that comes changes of  skincare, makeup and of course, a fragrance.

In the past, I have layered skincare together, mixed a lots of different foundation shades and eye colours to the perfection to match skin tone. Perfumes have also infinitive layering quality. I think brings the best of the scent and enhances the best in you. To me, its not about stronger the better but, more importantly is about that the fragrance should enhance you and your personality.

With Andree Olivia who works for Diptyque, we have recently played with different diptyque scents and layering became so much fun. Before, I would tried ‘Diptyque Do Son’ only on its own but found it too sweet, too tuberosey’ for me. Surprisingly, I have found another fragrance which worked perfectly in harmony. L’eau Hesperides worked beautifully on top of Do Son and ‘those two together’ became a wonderful symphony.

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toillette 100ml  £75

is sweet, floral and mysterious fragrance. You can instantly smell tuberose, berries and flowers. It has been found that flowers are powerful positive emotion inducer’ and can increase people’s immediate associations with “happy” thoughts. And, just this simple fact I am convinced that ‘Do Son’ would be perfect perfume ( on its own in that matter ) or excellent as the base scent before layering, before choosing which of a scent would be the next. Other notes in Do Son fragrance are; orange tree leaves, benzoin, iris, white musk. It is more fresh than sultry so it is more suited to spring than fall. Also available in 100ml, Eau de Parfum, solid perfume and body care.

L’eau Hesperides Eau de Toilette 200ml £65


FullSizeRender (9)

sharp, dynamic and invigorating as how I would exactly describe this fragrance. From notes of aromatic herbs mixture of red thyme, rosemary and with powerful pepermint to strong blend of cedarwood and white musk. A touch of bitter orange and lemon leaves you with tangy and zest feeling. This fragrance is fresh, simply exquisite fragrance which is perfect for warmer days and so easy to wear.

There are endless choices of Diptyque fragrances > Here are 3 more which I think could be good match well with Spring and maybe you will find one for you. Eau Rose Natural Spray – light and floral. Vetyverio – blend of fruity notes, spicy and floral. Olene – wisteria, honeysuckle, sensual jasmine and mysterious narcissus.

All Diptyque are unisex and are available in Space NKSelfridgesJohn Lewis and Diptyque UK site.

So go and explore and find your one that will enhance YOU!

I shall speak to you again, next week. Yes, it is March and Spring is just round the corner…

All my sweet scent love,

Julia xx