Facial Oil ‘Ruby Red’


Why Am I writing again about another facial oil? As we are still in cold season, the skin will definitely need an extra boost. And, that extra boost you might get from an additional product and, why not adding facial oil, in your daily skincare regime? In the past, I have talked about and shared a lots of different Facials Oils.  Over the years, using Facial Oils, I have noticed amazing improvement in the skin, complexion became clearer, smoother and more supple. I do like to try different products with different textures and reasonable prices. Not all great skincare products have to have a price tag around or over £100. And, maybe just maybe this one will resonates with you as it did with me in the moment of an application. So here it is…

About a week ago, in John Bell & Croyden Pharmacy in London W1, I was introduced to Ruby Red cosmetics. Ruby Red cosmetics made in UK, is organic skincare & bodycare range using the best quality plant ingredients with natural aromas which works well on dry and sensitive skin. All RR product are free from SLS, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals ans synthetic aromas. Wonderfully scented with soft textures and refined oils. If you like australian range Aesop , you would definitely like Ruby Red.

Ruby Red Face Oil – Rose Otto 30ml for £38

When applied the Ruby Red face oil on my skin, I instantly liked the texture.  A light and refine texture with a gorgeous blends of essential oils. Sweet almond oil, camellia oil, grapeseed oil, kernel oil, rose damask flower oil, orange oil and citrus oil. The face oil is easily absorbed, pure rose oil will soothe the skin and with dosage of vitamin E will help to reduce and minimize appearance of fine lines. And, smells spa delicious!

Oh and, if you are into body cleansers, Ruby Red Revive + Gentle Body Cleanser *Lime is so fresh ‘lime & mandarin’ scented and so gentle. All Ruby Red cosmetics can be purchased in John Bell & Croyden, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods and Planet Organic.

So far here and everywhere else in media, bloggers and editors have been introducing and sharing benefits of different facial oils. Are you confuse which one to choose. Please don’t be. There is ‘Perfect, Suitable Facial Oil for Everyone’. The most suitable would depend on your skin type, your age and your lifestyle would play big part of what your skin needs. If you are regular traveller, you might need different product than one who has calmer lifestyle ( don’t know many of those…) For me, what you have been using for the past three months and if you have been in hot country e.g. South Africa or Australia for a longer period; a month or two staying in warm climate also plays a big part what I would normally recommend.

Why not get in touch and we can chat about your skincare regime, will find you ‘suitable one’. Spring is round the corner so why don’t we choose your Custom-fit Spring 2016 Skincare and Makeup to compliment.

All my Red Love,