Entrepreneur Bespoke Makeup Look

Last Tuesday morning, I arrived in Oxfordshire for a personalised bespoke photo shoot day. In a beautiful settings of Banbury private home, a Bespoke Makeup and Hair was happening. Becky Rui, the photographer ( specializes in Personal Branding Photography ) was join us after make up and hair was done. It did not take a long to set up and few minutes makeup an hair essentials were ready on a beautiful big wooden table. The table was facing a garden so it was a perfectly set up and lit room.

So I won’t delay any further, let’s get straight to what I have used for Lynne – in terms of make up and hair products.

Female Entrepreneur Bespoke Make up Look

Here are the few products which I used on Lynne to create presentable, comfortable and professional look. Not too ‘fashion’ but still very much stylish and approachable.

Lynne’s Bespoke Make up

Female Entrepreneurs Bespoke Makeup Look

By Terry Eclat Opulent

So Opulent. Regenerates, protects and firms. It is simply technological masterpiece as describes by many beauty bloggers. It is truly beautiful foundation that hides and covers imperfections. I love how creamy consistency worked well on Lynne’s skin. It’s all about plumping and firming effect from this foundation and little goes far. Well, £105 price should definitely do it!

By Terry Densiliss Concealer

Anti ageing, anti-wrinkle serum concealer. Very light but still excellent coverage, less than touch veloutee’ of course, if you are wondering. The combination of two together – eclat opulent foundation and densilliss concealer gave great overall coverage fort the shoot.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Compact Powder in Melody Fair

Wrinkle control pressed powder which beautifully mattifies and and completely retexturising the skin. Love this powder from day one when Terry de Gunzburg – herself, on one of her workshops in London – which I was present – introduced the Densiliss range. Incredibly technology in all Densiliss products. Still using till this day. The Terrybly Compact Powder can even be applied under your eyes on top of your concealer ( pressing with flat foundation brush ) and it won’t become cakey. Dream!

Forever Living Sonya Makeup Brilliant Blush in Mia

The colour of this blusher is a quite universal – browny/pink shade and, gave Lynne a perfect gentle healthy flush on her cheeks. The pigment is light and it can be built heavier if one desires. The Sonya Make up products can be only purchased through Forever Living distributors or online directly. Get in touch for good price.

Nude Magnetic Eye Colour Angel

What a pop of colour! It has a strong pigment in light creamy shade. I used the eye stick all over but mainly in inner corner of the eye which opened up Lynne’s entire eye and gave her bright, polished look. Love Nude Sticks. Easy application and great for travelling.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Brown Perfection n.13

Ombre, Ombre Blackstar. Who haven’t tried those? Full on buildable pigment with 24 hours staying power. Light reflecting eye shadow that gives eyes an instant lift radiance and flawless finish. It is a perfect brown shade which at first looks like there are four shades in one. Try it yourself and let me know what you think. Think of exciting-brown’ natural shades smokey look and red lipstick for Autumn? Absolutely gorgeous and so sexy!

Maybelline – Lash Sensational Mascara

Sensational mascara is buildable and will volumize your lashes instantly and can be layered beautifully into a strong long-lash look.

Nude Lip + Cheek Pencil Whisper

Another Nude Stick and this time is; lip + cheek pencil. I have only used as lip pencil for this look. I filled most of the lips with this natural red shade before applying hyaluronic sheer rouge lipstick for extra sheen. Nude Whisper pencil can be used on its own if you prefer matte finish. Perfect natural shade with a bit of hint of soft red. It really just enhances your natural lip colour so don’t need to be afraid to try this shade. It does come up really natural. Its gorgeous on its own but we needed an extra light sheen on the lips. It was perfect! ( We did another two different lip look, we just have to wait till all ready to view from Becky, the photographer. Love to share with you those two too.. )

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Mango tango n.2

This hyaluronic sheer rouge lipstick has a plenty of moisture, has a plumping properties and on top of the nude whisper just brought lips a bit more life. Hydrating properties gives lips that’ extra shine and the lips look lush and kissable.

Hair Product for touch-up’s

Personal Branding Photography

For touch-up’s, during the day, I have used 3 hair products and 1 makeup compact powder – By Terry Densiliss Compact which mentioned above. And, no water has not been used as touch-up’s – as seen on the picture maybe, another time…

Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Night –

– for extra moisture and mainly for an extra texture to the hair. Great invisible product which can be applied few times per day ( on every working and holiday day ) without feeling you are overloading your hair with hair product. Simply weightless and smells delicious. Oh, and contains UV filter!

Windle & Moodie Light Satin Hair Spray –

– so light you won’t feel it. It holds and heat protects. The best to use is; spray it onto section of your hair before straightening or curling and, of course after too, for an extra hold. I sprayed Light Satin Spray a few times on Lynne’s hair throughout the day but it did not feel I have used a hair product. Perfect photo shoot hold-on-friend!

Windle & Moodie Light Shine Spray –

– the lightest of the lightest shine spray. When you finish with a hair style and you happy with it and don’t wan to touch it anymore, it is a time’ to use Light Shiiiiine. Use at the end, before the entrance, when the style is finished. Voila’! The light and shine shines without leaving any residue on the hair. No oiliness, only shine.

All chosen make up and hair products can be purchased in Spacenk.com uk site and, I hope you like the choice.

Love to hear from you if you have any questions on makeup and hair. Whether it is a style you have in mind and like to create, need consulting on makeup look, perhaps you have a question on beauty products or have seasonal skincare questions… With new season, we all need update or change. Get in touch, now is a time!

Entrepreneur Bespoke Makeup

Speak to you all very soon. All my entrepreneur love,

Julia x