Commuter Makeup Picks

Applying makeup on tube can be quite divisive for some but I am sure no one means harm. Its all about using a time wisely despite can be in non-private place as in this case – public transports.

Lets be realistic and put feminine forces together for all those disapproving glances. I am one of those who would only apply and re-apply lipstick but I have done my full face makeup on the train, more than once. I understand those women who commute on daily basis and they do their makeup on public transports. And why not? Whether one’ has children and trying to juggle morning kids-preparing-time’ or simply one’ chooses to stay longer in bed, I think is absolutely ok to apply ‘makeup on-the-go’. I actually think that requires skill of coordination, breathing technique more so, while standing…

Just now, in this right second, a young girl got on the train, sat down, unpacked all her makeup on the table and started applying whole full face makeup. I could not help myself but kept looking at her. She was a pretty good in blending with face loose powder and even eyeliner was very precise but, after about half hour of her applications got a bit bored. It was too long for my liking. There were few eye glazes at first but after while everyone around forgot about her as that was normally would happen.

Working in this industry for number of years, there are so many excellent makeup products and brands I used. Most of those favorites would be the once which I can apply quickly. But, I do separate them whether it is on freelance job or my own use. For personal use, I believe majority of us like ‘quick and easy’ application so makeup product should match those requirements. No loose powder I would particularly like to carry in my handbag.

By Terry Makeup have many items which help you to create whole look in few minutes. I have been enjoying creating makeup looks for that reason for few years now and always curious what Terry de Gunzburg brings next. As so many makeup brands are on the market, I wanted to share with you variety where you can mix & match and using different brands so there is enough variety. So here they are – 9 ‘speedy makeup items so you can create your full face on the go… All the items can be purchased in Space NK. 

By Terry Light-Expert Illuminating Foundation Brush 19.5ml £48

An iconic magic brush, reformulated last year into better pigments. It is highlighting foundation brush which in few strokes your application will be done. It has now four small holes where foundation pigment coming through so one click is more than enough to cover whole face. By clicking more than once, you will loose the product unnecessary. It gives flawless and illuminating complexion with light-reflecting prisms… Perfect ‘on-the-go’!

Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo Concealer £42

A click pen on the brush. Similar pen-on-go as By Terry Light Expert but with a smaller concealer brush. ( You can also try concealer from By Terry Touch Expert Advanced lighter texture or Touch Veloutee’ all over the face ) Le Camouflafe Stylo Concelear is unique anti-fatique formula to blur away dark circles under eye area and hides imperfections while really moisturises. Great for those with very dry and sensitive skin under the eyes.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Champagne Pop £32

Most-wanted’ shimmering perfecting powder before Christmas and, still to be continued to be the one. Becca offers choice of different highlighters whether you prefer cream or powder or both – ‘cream and powder textures’ highlighters.  At your instant application with only a tiny bit, you see immediately pop of shimmer above your cheeks and why don’t you apply on eye brow bone. A little touch of the ‘champagne pop’ goes long way as the pigment is strong and bright-effective.

NARS Multiple South Beach £29

It has been in the market for a quite sometimes but you can never go wrong with this multiple. It is creamy stick and the colour is perfect for spring and summer.

Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pigment Primatif Champagne £38

It is creamy with a solid pigment and easy-to-apply. Use your pointed finger to apply an eye shadow. A couple of strokes on top of your eyelids and, you will see instantly the colour. In this case, using light shade will only brighten your eyes to perfection.

By Terry Mascara Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara in Brown £33.50

With a rose oil, this mascara conditions, stimulates the lash growth and comes in many shades – blue like navy, electric blue, purple, brown and jet black. My favorite is n.8 Terryfic blue.

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil £20 Dark Brown

This award winning brow pencil comes retractable and it is so easy to define, sculpt and shape your eyebrows. You can easy precisely define your eyebrows with a small tiny tip  and allows you to draw individual brow to look natural. On the other side of the pencil is a wand brush which you can easily brush-off the excess if needed. Comes in 4 shades.

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquers Flesh Riot £20

So many lipsticks, lipglosses out there. I have chosen this one, the latest arrival in Space NK. It is creamy with a strong pigment and very moisturising. It contains sweet nectar and mixed with a touch of shimmer. Perfect nude shade if you are Nude Girl. The Smith & Cult Lip Lacquers have been formulated with no parabens or gluten.

By Terry Eyebrow Mascara £26

You might not be able to see this this eyebrow mascara on the picture which is in this post blog, below but, I have to add this revolutionary item. This eye brow mascara is powder-gel formula which instantly dry after the application. No smudges, the formula glides easy and gives a define look without trying to hard. A couple of strokes are enough for a definition. It comes in 4 shades so I am sure there will be one for you too.

There is a choice if you prefer either eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mascara. Eyebrow pencil would fill the gaps on the skin of your eyebrows and, eye brow mascara brings the colour of your eyebows back alive. I would do recommend both as they are two different products creating two different things. If I want to be super-quick, I would first reach for eyebrow mascara. But, the choice is yours!

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Hope you enjoy these ‘Makeup Picks’ on-the-go and, speak to you very soon.

Just keep the makeup quick, simple and effective!

All my commute makeup love,