Camilla Bridal Makeup at The Cavalry & Guards Club Piccadily

It was sunny Saturday morning of 18th July and, I was travelling to Green Park in London.

Camilla was having a hair done at The Cavalry & Guards Club and, lovely mum Jane was making sure that all was ready for the afternoon Wedding party and the guests. The Club is a full of history, tradition and timeless elegance with a incredible personal touch. And, a perfect location for those who prefer London Wedding.

I began makeup on Lizzie who is the best friend of Camilla and who I created Bridal Makeup a year before. On this day, Camilla’s day, I chose these makeup items to create her bridesmaid look to compliment her colouring and her gorgeous fuchsia classic dress.

Lizzie’s Bridesmaids Makeup 

Camilla and Lizzie after the makeup

  • Sheer Expert Foundation By Terry for a sheer coverage and illuminosity
  • Mineral Pressed Powder Laura Mercier
  • Crayon Khol Terrybly Blue Vision By Terry
  • Mascara Terrybly Purple Success By Terry

It is not as stressful as some girls expressed to be because we knew what we will do on the day. The day was exciting and we enjoyed a few hours of preparation of hair and makeup in the hotel room, Camilla’s shared her wonderful present with us from her future-husband-to-be and, everything seem to be calm and on time.

Camilla’s Bridal Makeup

Camilla's Wedding photo

  • Cover Expert 2 Neutral Beige By Terry
  • Terrybly Densiliss Compact By Terry
  • Ombre Blackstar Blonde Opal 3 By Terry Colour-Fix cream eyeshadow works beautifully as a base

We finished of with a couple of layers of a pure colour envy sculpting lipstick Intense Nude shade’ from Estee Lauder. Camilla’s own which has beautifully complimented the natural look and, for which we decided on a trial a couple of months ago.

Congratulations Camilla!