Sheer Bronze Complexion

We are only in March but we passionately waiting for those warmer sunny days, in England. I can count days in one hand how many we had this year.

Once that day arrives, we are feeling more energised and we do dress differently, naturally. Everyone seems to reach for summer clothes when I am still feeling like I need my woollen jumper. But hey really, it is nothing wrong with being an extra warm. Last weekend, I have seen some flip flops around a town and, few men were rocking those Havaianas style.

And, for us ladies, as much as we love new clothes and, oh boy we do, we do tend to start and experimenting more with our skincare. Don’t you agree?
So today, I would like to share skin items which I love and which they ‘Lift-me-Up’ every time and have been using them for a quite some times.

By Terry Cosmetics

The brand known for its Rose Scent, Light Textures and Anti-aging Properties.

Sheer Bronze Complexion

How do we achieve sheer bronze complexion? We need 3 magic By Terry products. You can use on its own but the best way is to mixed them all. Squeeze a small amount ( half of the pea size ) of each on your back of your hand and mix together. Firstly, squeeze Cellularose Nutri-Baume on the back of your hand.  Then, add a half of the pea size of Soleil Terrybly Exotic Bronze n.200 and a full pea size of Cellular CC Brightenning Serum. The application that everyone loves. Mix all together and apply as a moisturiser. It is really quick and easy application and, you would instantly look fresh, radiant with a bronze complexion.
Most of my client still like to use fingers to apply make up products. Are you asking me if it is wrong? No. Of course not. Be free and explore your applications.

But, there is an alternative for applications. By using a foundation brush, you could save on some amount of the skin care products and make up and, at the same time, products would feel much more cooling on the skin. Plus, you won’t get hands dirty. Have you had many bad accidents after applying with fingers like dirty towels, stained clothes and bed sheets? I can relate to that as few of my bed sheets needed to changed.

So here are the three top synthetic tipped foundations brushes – Chantecaille , By Terry , Space NK .


Any of these beauty items sounds like might help you to get closer to long-wanted radiant complexion? I hope so. They have been my ‘happy discovery.’

Speak very soon,