Bio Natural Skin Oil


With my obsession for oils, here is another one. I actually realised how obsessed I am with oils, in general. Cooking oils, body oils, skin oils, facial oils. Not sure if its a good idea to share them all in one blog but thinking about it.

For those who do not like the feel of greasy feel, there is a good news. So many dry oils on the market and, the one which I am going to share with you today is dry skin oil.

Sukin Bio Natural Skin Oil

Sukin products are formulated with high efficacy, with quality botanical ingredients and natural essential oils. The whole Sukin range is FREE FROM : chemicals, animal derivates, synthetic fragrances, sodium laureth sulphates, artificial colours, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol and EDTA. Alleluja! Don’t we love reading beauty products without all these chemicals? I am sure most of you agree.

Rich blend of Jojoba, Tamanu, Rosehip, Avocado oil, Carrot seeds oil and full of antioxidants, the non-greasy bio skin oil deeply hydrates and improves texture of the skin. Helps with scaring, stretch marks and ageing. A pleasant scent, soft texture, light consistency, can’t resist. I say => thumbs up! How about you. What makes you have your thumbs up?

I have to be very honest, I got the Sukin Bio Natural Skin Oil for curiosity because I wanted to try something clean, organic and vegan and, of course effective skincare product. I can honestly say – I absolutely love the way it feels on the skin and have been using all over my body. My skin feels firmer and cleaner but not oilier. So if you have oily skin? No problem. It is suitable for your skin type too. ( And, if you have a cut or mark from scratch, keep apply continuously for few days and the scaring might heal nicely. As mine, from last week knife cut. )

It’s s simply magic oil, with irresistible scent and truly can’t believe the price. Not everything expensive is good. Some things comes in reasonable price – exactly as this one here.

Normally, this natural skin oil you can get 500ml for £12.90 but I have just found you Sukin Bio Skin Oil from Bodykind site for £9.06.! If you getting one for yourself, enjoy and, let me know what you think. Oh, and, highly recommend Sukin Botanical Body wash.

Hope you enjoy this ‘short and sweet’ post and, more from Natural Skin Care World for Spring on its way…

Speak soon, all my beauty love,

Julia x