Bio-Fermented Skincare


Could not wait to write about this new skincare line which is now available in UK.

Last year in December, I have been introduced to lovely Mel, who looks after the skincare brand – Innarah in UK. We have met up for a coffee in the heart of SW1 London. The meeting was short but in the period of our time together, we managed to talk about all sorts of ‘women relating’ subjects including skincare, beauty, women entrepreneurs and, we went through science, natural ingredients and beauty innovations.

When browsed through the site and read how Innarah Skincare works with our immune system, it has really caught my attention. As someone who fought with immune system all life, the interest of knowing more about it has increased immediately. And, I am pretty sure, there are many others out there like me. We live in the world where we work a lot, we travel more and stress more or even worry a lot ( who knows what might be – economically, financially this year and years ahead ) and, all those factors have tremendous effect on our immune system, skin and well-being. When immune system is low, we get ill and our skin suffers too.

If you are thinking about eating healthy, I agree  with you. I agree about having a good balance diet with right nutrients and daily supplements and vitamins. I am one of those who absolutely love good food and I would rather eat oat crackers with avocado than bad over processed meal. I will share with you some ‘yummy foodie’ this year including ‘Vegan Food’ which will start from 1st March till Easter for me, so stay tuned.

For now, let’s talk about Innarah.

Innarah Bio-Fermented Skincare

This revolutionary skincare with bio-fermented technology and system which increases the nutrients value. The Innarah Skincare has an unique blend of natural ingredients with the most potent formulations which works with your immune system. With an energizing process the absorption increases and the ingredients can penetrate into each and every cell. Acts as a biocatalyst, reducing skin damage at cellular level and helps with a skin quality. The highest quality of natural ingredients have been sourced from selected unspoiled places to make them the most natural and organic.

It took me a little while to get used to scent of Innarah products, as there is no scent at all but, after while you will absolutely love it and you will get on with it, when you start seeing the result.

Below is my selection of Innarah products which I have been using most days.

Skincare which works with your immune system

Innarah Treatment Cleanser

This treatment cleanser is detoxifying gel formula which stimulate ceramide production and locks in moisture. Snow Algae, Mangosteen extract and White Tea extract act as powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients. Its good for dry skin, rosacea or any type of skin. Easy and effective cleansing formula for every day busy life. Love it!

Innarah Treatment Solution

Use few drops on the cotton pad and after the treatment cleanser. It hydrates, stimulates and exfoliates gently so it is a perfect prep product before your serum or facial oil. It might tingle for some, which I experienced but that’s a good thing as it is working. Alpine Rose extract helps delay the aging of the skin cells. It’s new additional skincare product for me but I have started enjoying this beauty step.

Innarah Daily Moisture Creme

Hydrates, reduce fine lines and brightens. There are many well chosen ingredients in this Defense Moisture Creme which you will see the difference on the skin. Kukui Nut oil helps with a long lasting hydration. Sea Buckthorn oil is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflamatory and so as Snow Algae Extract. Marine Phytoplankton provides oxygen to the skin cells. Stimulates collagen production and the skin is firmer and automatically looking younger. Loving this daily moisture creme – my skin is much firmer and supple. Normally, on daily basis this winter, I would combine the moisture creme with Innarah Defense Oil which is a perfect combination.

But, I have also tried Bakel Thio-C liquid formula before the Innarah Moisture Creme. What amazing results within three days! It is only 3 day supply in each bottle as it is only 3ml and it is a pure vitamin C.  Use both together, before your special night out – your skin will be firmer with a glow. Will be reviewing this magic small liquid bottle soon.

Innarah Defense Oil

This Defense Oil is deeply nourishing, anti-ageing and feels soft on the skin. It has a very pleasant au naturel scent. It penetrates easily and leaves the skin glowing. With a blend from Kukui Nut oil, Agarwood oil, Carrot Seed oil, Alpine Rose extract plus other well chosen natural and organic ingredients helps to fight a sign of ageing, its anti-inflammatory and has a shield from environmental aggressors and UV rays. Excellent to use on it’s own at night or before your night cream.

Innarah VenoDefense Treatment Creme

If you after a luxurious, ultra rich which give the skin an instant brightening and firming effect, the VenoDefense Treatment Creme is the one. It has an ability to delay signs of ageing and the shields to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and UV damage. Wonderful, natural and yet very effective ingredients to help the skin looks younger, firmer and healthier. Chamae Rose is beneficial for the skin purification, tone and clarity. It has also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties and, it’s ideal for sensitive skin.  As has been awarded the best premium anti-ageing product by Pure Beauty Awards, you can’t really go wrong just trying it.

Innarah Defense Masque

After just one 10 mins session of this oxygenated Defense Masque your skin feels deeply clean, detoxified and nourished. Rich Loamy Earth which is high in trace elements help bind the toxins. Native Americans used this to heal the wounds and detoxify skin. Helps with smoothing large pores on the skin and refine’s skin texture. The Defense Mask is like a mud mask but only white. The skin feels baby soft and glowing. If you like Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and Honey, the Innarah Defense Mask you would love!

All Innarah products can be purchase on Innarah UK site. Treat yourself and see the difference. I would also highly recommend Innarah VenoDefenseTM Eye Treatment Serum. So light, refreshing and firming.

For an experience of personalised Innarah facial treatments, you can find salons in Ink Aesthetic Beauty Salon in Mayfair. The Ink Spa which is based in Shepard’s Market in Mayfair and in the Medi Spa in Primrose Hill.

Any questions about Innarah products or any other skincare, beauty questions you have, drop me line or, comment here below on the comment page. Would love to hear from you!

All my skincare love,

Julia xx