Beauty of Copenhagen City


You might have heard about Copenhagen a lot in recent years. About danish hygge’ – which translate – cosiness, candles and good friends company.

Copenhagen city has been on top of my destinations to visit and, when the thought came more alive, I knew where the next weekend will be. Earlier this year, May exact – the trip got booked and we were ready to explore the danish beauty. We could not wished for better weather – 25C and, the whole weekend became most memorable.

Copenhagen City

Copenhagen city is the most coolest, calmnest and chilled place I have ever been to. It has also been nominated as the happiest and safest in the world. Everyone speaks english, they all are friendly and have the most world famous bike culture. Danes take cycling seriously and, dedicate whole road for cyclist. Danish really pride themselves with an excellent food culture and architecture, fashion and sleek danish design. Being a trendy is just a ‘way of life’ – quite effortless for them – what not to like?! It is not cheap, actually pretty expensive but it is all worth it! I could not recommend this amazing city enough. I am in love with the city!

I am sure we all enjoy to do different things when on holidays or short city breaks. History is something to be appreciated and not to be missed. Museums, castles, gardens, design centres, architecture, galleries and, I really enjoy discovering new hidden great restaurants and cafes. That’s just me.

Apart from visiting Little Mermaid ( which everybody wants to see the Little Mermaid ) and H.C. Andersen’s Fairy Tale House, here are other few places to see:


Copenhagen Nyhavn Harbour

The first thing we did; we hired a cruise sightseeing canal and harbour tour with a good visibility of lively Nyhavn. Nyhavn is spreading across canals with numerous outdoor bars on the picturesque harbour of the colourful facades of old houses with old sailing ships. With a buzzing bars and great ambience across, Nyhavn is one of those places you want to stay and enjoy for hours..

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Not what you would expect when it comes to gardens. Less garden feel than you might expect and more as amusement park with rides, musicals and major concerts. Shame there were none of a major concert when we were there. A lots of choice for lunch or dinner, kids friendly and at 22:45 fireworks are in a full glory. Would I recommend? Yes. Would I go back? Nope. It is one of those busy, crowded places but I guess if you are in Copenhagen for the first time, you do want to see what it is all about.

Rosenborg Castle

Beauty of Copenhagen City

A royal hermitage which features 400 years splendor, royal art treasures and the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia. It is set in the kings’ gardens in the centre of Copenhagen. Rosenborg Castle was built by most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV in the early seventeen century. The whole interior is well preserved and while inside the castle, you can experience and take journey in time. You can find a collection of Flora Danica, one of the world’s finest Venetian glass collection and king’s private writing cabinet and, many more interesting pieces. The castle should be definitely on the list to visit.

Christiansborg Palace

Beauty of Copenhagen City

On the islet of Slotsholmen, in the central Copenhagen, Christiansborg Palace contains Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court and, the Ministry of the State. It has more than 800 year-old long history as the state’s centre of power. At the Royal Stables, there has been horses and life in the stables in Christiansborg Palace ever since The Royal Stables were inaugurated in 1740. Today, they are about 20 horses which are ready for New Years or other large parties to take the Queen with white horses tightened in front of the gold carriage from Amaliesborg to Christiansborg Castle. And, a visit to a stable to see horses is open to public.

The Marble Church

Beauty of Copenhagen City

Fredericks Kirke ( Frederick’s Church ) is one of the characteristic landmarks of the Copenhagen city. Popularly known as the Marble Church for its rococo architecture with its characteristic green dome which is one of the most impressive churches in the city – inspired by St. Peter’s in Rome. The church is situated between Amalienborg castle and The Opera in the elegant   area of Frederiksstaden. In inner dome of the church is resting 12 columns. The cupola is split into 12 equals parts and is beautifully decorated with angels and the 12 apostles placed in each section. At weekends, it is possible to climb up to see the view.

Danish Architecture Centre

Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen

So cool and educational. All about smart cities and how to use cities more as data rather than just buildings, pavements, shops and cars. You can explore the interactive urban model of Vester Voldgade and experience some of the data which is available on an ordinary street of Copenhagen. After, you can enjoy a lovely a cup of coffee, gluten-free cake and organic brunches and lunches are very popular. And, you get a splendid view on Copenhagen city too. Highly recommend.

Zeleste Restaurant


If you are foodie like me, you would definitely appreciate this special restaurant. Zeleste on Strandstraede 6 just on the corner of busy bustling street of Nyhavn. Zeleste is a restaurant which has french dishes with Nordic twist in 17-th century quirky building with a cobbled courtyard. The food is exquisite with amazing service, chilled ambience throughput the place. I would go back for another special occasion in an instant.

Had to attach this picture from a colourful starter – Salmon with radishes, shaved courgettes with a pea sause.

Zeleste Restaurant Copenhagen

Still places to see… – National Museum of Denmark, Glyptoteket Museum, Copenhagen Opera House, Noma restaurant and seasonal shopping… Well, it’s a reason to go back to and plan an extended weekend!

Before you leave this vibrant city, don’t forget to have a spare few hours at the Copenhagen airport. High end boutiques and variety of good restaurants, great ambience the time will pass really fast. Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order your Copenhagen card.

Hope you enjoy my 1st Travel post blog. And, I have been slowly trying to bring a danish hygge’ into my life! Till next month with a specially chosen travel destination…

All my danish, cosy love,

Julia xx