Anna Scholz Fashion Campaign A/W’12 Black Label

We are on Day 2. of Fashion Campaign shoot at The Loft Studios in West London.
8.45 am two models arrived at the Studio. Sabina – 12 plus uk and, Bara from milk management which is based in Prague.We have changed the initial Studio space to downstairs with a quirky feel to it, with large windows and exposed brickwork which made it extra interesting for our backdrops for the theme of this shoot.
All creative crew was known from a previous last year Fashion Campaign shoot at Camber Sands, East Sussex location. Mindy Coe, the photographer and Sam Shorten, the stylist plus, the rest of us. Anna Scholz herself, Liz, the creative cordinator and myself.

Anna Scholz Fashion Campaign A/W’12 Black Label

As soon as I arrived, I needed few minutes of Makeup and Hair preparation. The theme for the photo shoot was ‘Doll-Like Look’ and Twiggy-Twist Look.’
While I was unpacking my makeup, hair kit, the delivery has arrived. It was The Rituals delivery. Rituals’ Gemstone Makeup are enriched with Amethyst. Apparently, when amethyst is applied onto skin, the skin becomes firmer, appears smoother and more relaxed. After the application especially of Gemstone foundations, Sabina and Bara’s skin felt instantly smoother and yes, some how both girls looked more relaxed. The Gemstone foundations ( Rituals Natural Make-up ) have no parabens, no parfume, only natural gemstones and are dermatologically tested which are suitable for anyone who prefers more natural foundations with natural ingredients and are have a sensitive skin.
Below, I selected few i phone snaps from behind the scenes and selected makeup and hair style I created for both models on the day.

Bara’s Twiggy-Twist Look

Bara czech model for Anna Scholz Campaign
Here is Bara’s look and choice of make up:
  • Precious Gemstone Foundation – Precious -1. with pure minerals and light texture for a flawless looking skin.
  • Cheek and Eye Glow
  • Cover Up n.1 Concelaer
  • Magic Powder Blush On Fire’
  • Ruby Lips Mandarin Lipstick
  • BB Prep Bumble & Bumble for the Big Hair-Do’

Sabina’s Doll-Like Look

Sabina for Anna Scholz
Here is Sabina’s look and choice of make up:
  • Two Precious Gemstone Foundation n.5 + n.3 mix together for a perfect shade
  • Cheek & Eye Glow – Sunglow Bronze’
  • Magic Powder Blush in Pale Rose
  • Single Eye Shadow in Amber Mist
  • Rituals Star Secret Black Eye pencil
  • Long Lasting Lip Pencil in Sweet Colour

Bara and Sabina Together

Bara and Sabina
 Anna Scholz a/w’12 collection will be out sometimes in August this year. Stay tuned.
Sorry about the picture resolutions. It’s not the best quality. I am sure one day, we will have better i phone cameras.
All the Best and speak soon…
Miss Julia… xoxo