Anna Scholz Fashion Campaign A/W’12 White Premium Label

The beginning of May… 2-day shoot at The Loft Studio in NW10 has been booked for a white premium label a/w’12 of Anna Scholz + black label a/w ’12 following day.This is 1st day of two at The Loft Studios. Whitney Thompson has been chosen to model for this Anna Scholz shoot. Whitney who has won American’s Next Top Model a year ago just flew straight from New York for the shoot. When I saw her, could not wait to do makeup on her. She was very beautiful and pleasure to work with her. Extra something to even skin tone and extra more to adjust for a lighting… but, I can tell you when you have a such face in front of you, crosses you mind – do I have to do anything? Well, yes a little bit to enhance the features for the lights and camera.

Anna Scholz Fashion Campaign A/W’12 White Premium Label

There were few foundation and tinted moisturiser I had to try on Whitney’s skin as she had recently chemical peel and made her skin very very dry. So extra cleansing and some extra time to prepare the skin did require. Serum + BB cream from Trish McEvoy helped – perfect moisturiser, primer and hydrating mask-in-one. Fab! It gave Whitney extra moisture which we needed.

Afternoon, after lunch of the shoot of white label’ touching-up Make-up was must-must’. I have added application of a tinted moisturiser from By Terry Eclat de Rose. Magic in the bottle! The skin became plumped and glowing… Laura Mercier mineral loose powder spf 15. in natural beige colour I finished off with. Kept blending till looked flawless. No more touches needed till the end of the shoot.

On the day, there were two colours we were playing with – orange and pink. On nails, lips and eyes.
In the morning, orange matching all three N,L and Eyes. Pink colour we chose for the afternoon… Strong pinks and orange worked wonders on Whitney’s green eyes.
Nail colours have been purchased from Illamasqua  £13.50 and 1 lipstick from By Terry. Do you want 1 perfect Pink strong, blond colour in your handbag – This is the One! Pink Party – 301 By Terry.
Collide and Gamma colour. With matching lipstick from Illamasqua ‘Flare and By Terry 301. Pink Party lipstick… – Per-fe-tto!

There is a second day of Anna Scholz Fashion Campaign a/w this year. So stay tuned for more info from the day and the beauty products I used.

All my creative love,

Julia xx