Anassa – Greek Mountain Magic’ Tea


First of all, apologies for not posting a blog post for over a week. My parents were visiting and staying with us over eight days which became full time care and, I became full time translator – all in good way.

Why a Tea post in my blog? Well, over the summer, my yoga practise has accelerated, mostly at my spare time and, so with that I noticed I have been reaching for better nutritional food, much lighter food which improves digestion including teas.

As much as I still’ enjoy a good cup of coffee – only just – I secretly over the years became more and more drawn to teas. I understand the taste might not be for everyone especially when we talk about herbal teas but, more we drink which leaves us feeling healthy and less bloated, the more we will mellowed out to its taste.

My first memories of drinking tea was around 11 years old when my dad forced me to drink sage tea. Anyone familiar with the taste? The only word I can use it is; horrible! My dad kept insisting it is a special tea with incredible healthy benefits. He said it is good for me, good for my digestion. Do we really care in that age? Not really. Children around 10 year old do not have developed certain taste buds so it is, it was difficult to understand the benefits. But, over the years, over many years, I began to enjoy the smoothness, calmness what teas have offer.

Earlier this year, midd April time exact, we visited Crete island. What amazing place with exquisite food and breathtaking sea and mountain views. Not far away where we stayed, in the centre of Crete, there is a small, magical village with warmth and charm called Archanes. In the square while enjoying a glass of greek  vino in the charming cafe one afternoon, we got introduced to a special tea which we could not resist to buy. With unique, fresh design packaging and unusual, yet uplifting scent, Anassa Happiness Tea we had to have.

Anassa Pure Hapinness Tea

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. ” Hippocrates

Asanna Greek Mountain Magic Tea

Anassa Hapiness Tea is exceptional hellenic product including Greek mountain tea, mint, sage and lemon balm.

A greek mountain tea which is also known as Shepherd’s Tea made from dried flowers, leaves and stems of plants Sideritis species which grows in the mountains of Greece at very high elevation at around 3,000 feet. Traditionally, used the tea as an antinflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. Have incredible positive benefits on colds, respiratory problems, immune system and also digestion. Here is the link to Anassa website with different flavours and different mythological creatures.

This loose tea, empty tea bags and paper stirrer is included and making-tea’ does become a ritual on its own and experience begins upon opening a tea box.

Enjoy a lovely cup of tea and, I will speak to you soon,

All my healthy tea love,

Julia xx