7 Winter Beauty Essentials


Winter is still here and we ought to protect ourselves skin from this cold weather. Comfy clothing and trendy hats definitely help and makes us feel and look amazing but what about to protect our skin, hands, hair and lips? In recent years we all became pretty aware of our beauty essentials.

Here I selected 7 of my Winter Beauty Essentials favourites which has been carefully picked and tested. Zelens – innovative advanced skincare with a full of antioxidant. Nude advanced skincare with healthy ingredients, antioxidants and omegas. Omorovicza – luxury natural skincare with a full of minerals and benefit for the skin which found in Hungary’s thermal spa waters. Oskia – British brand, high performance natural skincare brand with anti-ageing serums for younger looking skin. Sarah Chapman – using essential oils, vitamin A and peptides to treat, nurture and restore the skin. Windle and Moodie – British brand, formulated hair products with help of independent pharmacists and chemist. The products are eco-friendly and all chemical and toxic free to insure the scalp is protected and healthy.

Invest in your skincare – your skin will thank you for it.

7 Winter Beauty Essentials

7 Winter Beauty Essentials

Zelens Power D High Potency ProVitamin D Treatment Drops 30ml £110

Some of you might be thinking, why do I need this face oil for this price? I promise you – its worth every drop of it. High Potency ProVitamin D Tretament Drops fortifies the epidermis, making sure the skin is firmer and clearer with youthful finish. Protecting the skin from environmental damage and the ingredients have ability to strengthen the skin. Can be worn on its own overnight or under day or night moisturiser. I would normally use only 3-4 drops. It is simply enough.

For us, who live in UK for most of the time, we are vitamin D deficient so we need help to top up our immune system and skin from every direction possible. Take vitamin D supplements and enjoy Zelens Power D ProVitamin D Treatment Drops!

Nude ProGenius Firming Youth Oil 30ml £72

What the Nude ProGenius Firming Oil does? It hydrates and firms those fine lines and, the skin feels super freaking soft. I know some bloggers might say that for normal skin 1 drop is enough as it could leave an oil residue on the skin. In my experience using this face oil, I enjoyed it so much I would use even 3-4 drops before my day moisturiser. If you are in hurry most mornings, skip this routine and use only day moisturiser instead and keep this gorgeous face oil only evening times. I apply my morning skincare and leave it on the skin to sink in for about 20 mins before applying – face primer and foundation. It keep my moisture level throughout the day in balance. Enjoy this unique blend from prickly pear, peacock’s tail algae, passion fruits, omegas and antioxidants.

Oskia Get up & Glow 30ml £66

A full of hyaluronic acid and with iridescent particles, this light serum makes a perfect partner’ as your daily serum before your moisturiser. For those with combination skin, skip moisturiser completely. Your daily skincare routine steps would be – Oskia Get up & Glow, Face Primer and Foundation. Love that iridescence of this product. The skin becomes brighter and glowing again!

Omorovica Reviving Eye Cream 15ml £80

So lightweight like a lotion with a refreshing cucumber scent. Instantly helps illuminate dark circles, puffiness and provides long-lasting hydration for the eye area. We all search for the best eye cream so = this is it! Ok ok, they are few others but for the cold weather and sensitive ‘under eye’ skin = is superb! The texture of the Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream works beautifully under an eye concealer. Highly recommend.

Zelens Marine Complex Deep Restorative Cream 50ml £125

Rich moisturiser for morning and evening. Suitable more for sensitive and ageing skin. Olive brown shrubby seaweed, which is one of the ingredients, is packed with minerals and nutrients fights damaging free radicals and, Marine Exopolysaccharide increases collagen and elastin production. It has sort of matte finish than other Zelens creams. You could possibly get away not using face primer unless you need to be in front of camera. Use twice daily and the fine lines and wrinkles become visible reduced. Zelens Marine Daily Moisturiser is excellent addition to your daily routine.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nails Treatment 15ml £36

Overnight therapy for the hands, nails and cuticle. Supercharged with a vitamins, omegas and essentials oils helps to regain youthful volume and plumpness in your precious hands. Don’t forget your hands because you know what expert say. Appearance of hands can reveal woman’s age. So look after your hands with Sarah Chapman Overnight Hands and Nails Treatment in the same way as you would your face.

Windle and Moodie Essentials Oil Elixir 50ml £29

I had a question from few of my clients if it’s  possible to apply this gorgeous Windle and Moodie Essentials Oil Elixir on the face. Well, it smells so good and with its formulation of 98% pure essential oils you most probably could but, it is hair oil after all. So lets’ keep it for where its suppose to go and for your face use face oils.

What about lips protection? Well, there are few. Despite I like good moisturising, very nourishing lipstick like Chantecaille or By Terry, I would still use UltraSun Protection Lip spf.30. I found even great after matte lipstick for that extra protection. Excellent even for temperatures below 0 or even -24C as I experienced in January this year on the ski slopes. The UltraSun lip protector was my saviour.

Enjoy the 7 Winter Beauty Essentials and, I am sure I will be writing about Spring Beauty soon… Meantime, if you need Beauty Essentials cheaper alternative, please drop me a line directly on [email protected]

Till next time,

Julia xx