7 Products to get HD Camera ready – AIR Studios, Hampstead and Abbey Road Studios

Over the recent years, I am sure you have heard and read about High Definition Makeup. Ten years, after the launch of high-def technology, the whole market of cosmetic companies realised the need of new makeup in the market – and, high definition makeup was born. The miracle makeup that helps to cover the flaws, skin looks smooth and absolutely flawless without giving you pancake-y look. Most foundations would be oil free and powders are much finer than normal translucent powders.

Few days after Walt Disney Employee Forum in January, I was booked for two following days to look after makeup and grooming for interviews of executive producers and creative directors. Each day was different and different guests – executives for the interviews.

Our first days, it was in The AIR Studios. The AIR Studios is leading independent recording studio with exceptional acoustics, natural light and stunning architecture. The fascinating history of the studio read here – The Air Studios. Second day, we were interviewing between recordings – National Philharmonic Orchestra also joined – in exciting Abbey Road Studios.

Air Studios Hampsted London

On both days, I needed to make sure producers and music directors were shine free and presentable without seeing that they had anything done. Sort of ‘makeup no makeup’ but spot on for HD camera. The 7 products to get HD camera ready, including hair and lip product.

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

Not a big choice but these top 7 makeup and hair products were very useful on both days. Joe Rohde, Richie Baneham, Simon Franglen, Matt Walker, Tim Heintz, Michael Jung, James Wilson and Roger Butterley were HD camera ready in few minutes without no waiting around…

Innarah Daily Moisture Creme 50ml £184

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

This moisture daily creme is highly hydrating, contains anti-inflammatory properties – the ingredients which mimic the effect snake venom and helps to smooth appearance of lines and wrinkles. Non greasy formula, with matte finish and with no scent – men would have to say ‘yes’ to this amazing, innovative Innarah Daily Moisture Creme.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 30ml £11

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

It feels soft on the skin, slides beautifully, can be worn on its own or under foundation. This FX & Perfect Pro Primer is excellent to achieve matte, poreless complexion. As I was searching the price, as you might possibly know, each online site would have a different price. For few seconds, I though Amazon is beating all others until I saw Rimmel primer on Biuky website. Bargain of £3.05! Just ordered two more for my makeup kit. Can’t go wrong.

By Terry Eclat Opulent Foundation 30ml £94.28

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

Nutri lifting and anti-ageing foundation will instantly helps to fill and smooth lines and wrinkles. It feels creamy, leaves you a glow and amazing coverage. Normally, you would pay £105 for Ecalt Opulent but, I managed to find site where you will save few pennies. Bloominway is selling for £94.28 almost ten pounds less. Treat yourself, it last for absolute ages – one whole year if, you use daily and a little amount.

By Terry Touche Velotee’ Concealer 6.5ml £44

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

Click, click and click… – that is a famous Touché Velotee liquid concealer from By Terry ( who invented YSL Touche Eclat click brush – but I am sure we all already know that. ) Ultra smoothness, ultra dulness, incredible coverage can be used all over the face. This Touché Velotee contains hyaluronic acid and light reflecting prisms which help the skin looks instantly radiant and dark circles free. One of my must – in my makeup bag! Slightly cheaper at the Feel Unique. Only £34.65 – Check it out.

Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder £62

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

After a bit of research before both of these projects, I have found Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder the best possible powder to use with High Definition cameras. It is non-drying formula, blur all the imperfection, pores become invisible and the powder never sets in lines. It has – of course, matte finish – just perfect smooth skin for HD camera ready! Try Space NK for the best price.

By Terry Baume de Rose 10g £39

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

Lip balm to own. Adored by many bloggers, beauty editors and AAA listers. It is a multipurpose lip balm with spf 15 which will hydrate your lips, gives a little shine. Shea butter, vitamin E helps with softness on to lips. Can be used as cuticle treatment. Totally addictive – been using for almost five years. Feel Unique offers 10% off. Now for £35.10

Windle & Moodie Matte Paste 50ml £20

7 Products to get HD Camera ready

Excellent for short hair – men and women. It has unique blend of waxes to give hair malleable hold with matte finish. Warm it up a pea size between your fingers or, use hairdryer ( which I sometimes use on jobs ) to melt quicker and after then, I apply the invisible paste onto the hair. Non sticky – just perfect hold! Windle and Moodie can be bought in Space NK or Windle and Moodie online or int he Covent Garden salon.


Here is a final video from Air Studios which has been released last week. Click below.

The recordings and interviews for Pandora World from The Abbey Road Studios is not released yet. Can’t wait to hear it… Meantime, here is u tube video on Pandora behind the scenes : The World of Avatar which opens sometimes in Summer 2017. Hope you or your family are into Disney because it is something not to be missed!

I will speak to you soon…

Julia xx