5 Tips for Summer Skin Care

Want Healthy Summer Skin?

When new season arrives, we do question ourselves what NEW we need including our beauty, skin care essentials.

Here is the short video talking about my 5 Tips on Summer Skin Care Routine but let me share with you in writing below in more details about the chosen products, why those pick’s and where to find them.

5 Tips on Summer Skin Care Routine

N.1 Use Light Textures

As mentioned on the video, in summer, our skin feels healthier – just it is – and we don’t need heavy duty products to overload the skin like in winter. The skin responds much better with light textures and absorbs easier. If your skin is normal to dry and dehydrated, face serum follow by a hydrating moisturiser would be good skincare-regime duo. For oily and combination skin, serum on its own might just be enough.

5 Tips for Summer Skin

I choose Chantecaille Vital Essence Face and Eyes because is a super light gel formula which is suitable for any skin types even the most sensitive including rosacea. This serum is composed with 95% botanicals and healing pure rose water, it is hundred times more hydrating than any other face serum I tried. Initially, after application, it might feel a bit wet on your skin but give it a few more seconds and the serum penetrates in beautifully. I have even applied the serum on the skin and pressed gently on top of my foundation as pick-me-up’ afternoon hydrator. It really worked and I felt re-freshed!

N.2. Layer the Skin Care

I absolutely love layering! But has to be right products – right combo together. Lighter texture once again are easier to layer and lighter textures usually have smaller molecules which have ability to travel deeper into your second layer – dermis. Apply a serum on a clean skin and straight after your favorite hydrating daily moisturiser. Moisturiser seals your serum and it can make them more effective. So in this case; Chantecaille Vital Essence to start with, follow by Colbert MD Nutrify and Protect day.

5 Tips for Summer Skin

Colbert MD Nutrify and Protect Day is light moisturiser which regenerates, hydrates your skin delivering nutrients and antioxidants deeper into dermis while still in their active state. With Coenzyme Q10 protects skin from UV damage and against free radical. Natural source of hyaluronic acid – Tremella also called Snow Mushroom plays huge role in collagen synthesis and, has ability to retain moisture in the skin throughout the day.

N.3 Use more Natural Products

Natural organic products are definitely my preferred skincare in summer. Skin is sensitive in warmer climate and with synthetic skincare can aggravate your skin.

Summer Skin

Ananne’ Super Natural Skincare Equilibrium Day Cream from Switzerland has creamy texture, natural ingredients – pure rosehip seeds, jojoba, cape chestnut and precious algae – with divine spa scent. Harmonizes, balance the level of skin moisture, minimises fine lines and gives the skin boost of ‘being healthy and alive.’ Its absolutely gorgeous!

N.4. Keep your Skin Hydrated

Over the summer, we produce more oil so we should be wise in choosing a suitable skin product. We might feel that we don’t need any because we produce oil on the skin. We sweat and perspire which means we loose water so I would definitely recommend skin hydrator.

Before I share with you hydrating booster, have you thought about – cleanser, first of all? If your skin feels tight after cleansing that means your cleanser is too aggressive. I suggest to use gentle foaming cleanser like – Omorovicza Cleansing Foam. It purifies and refreshes the skin and removes your makeup without stripping your skin moisture as does not contain any sulphates. Baby blue colour and sweet smell, this cleanser is delight to use and has a calming effect on the skin. So, we’ve cleansed. The skin is ready and hungry for more…

5 Tips for Summer Skin

Sarah Chapman Hydrating Booster n.1. is fantastic additional product to boost your hydration level in the skin. Add few drops am. and pm. to any of your favourite moisturiser or face serum and the skin will feel with instant hydration boost, radiance and plumpness. So off you are on your holidays, this small size ( 5ml or 30ml ) is a perfect hydrating friend to take with!

N.5. Don’t forget your SPF!

I am sure you have heard from some skin experts – wear SPF! Well, they are right. Do not forget that. Our grandmothers might not need them few decades ago but, times have changed and so did healthy environment feels has gone especially in most big cities and, UVA and UVB protection is must!

5 Tips for Summer Skin

Zelens Daily Defence SPF 30 with his micro-encapsulated technology, protects’s against UVA & UVB rays. Strengthen skin natural barrier and helps to delay sign of ageing. It has light formula without greasy residue and dose of vitamin C will brighten your skin. So many SPF products out there but why don’t you start with the best one first so go on invest in your skin.

Use skincare products that protects you from environmental damages, free radicals as well as skincare which will boost your collagen production. With enough collagen, your skin will plump and be hydrated, sealing your own moisture in.

Hope you enjoyed Summer Hydrating 5 and till next time,

All my Summer love

Julia xx